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Presenting evidence of things seen, to strengthen our faith – the evidence of things not seen.

My ministry can benefit anyone in any stage of their relationship (or lack thereof) with Christ.

* It can give non-believers solid reasons to trust the Bible and put their faith in Christ. It removes the roadblocks, excuses, and doubts.

* It can encourage new believers to grow in their walk with Christ and trust in His word, with confidence their new found faith is in something real.

* It can thrill and encourage even the most seasoned saints to see evidence confirming the truth of the scripture.

* It can make backsliders realize the Bible is true, God is real, and they’d better take them  seriously, because they will give account to a holy God.

I require no guaranteed amount for an offering. I operate on a FREE WILL OFFERING basis. I will accept whatever the Lord will provide. I have held meetings at many small churches, sometimes less than 20 members.


I’ve been preaching on creation related issues for 20 years, full-time since mid-2013. I’ve preached creation messages in three foreign countries (Poland, Russia, Mexico) and about half the states in the US.

I’ve done university-level seminars along with Ph.D. scientists, spoken for creation science organizations, preached in churches, done week-long revivals, VBS, King’s Kids youth programs, and more.

I’ve been a member of Wyldewood Baptist Church Oshkosh, WI since 1989 (over 30 years). I have preached and taught dozens of times there to adults and kids.

I’ve taken creation research trips to Mt. St. Helens, the Paluxy River (Texas), Niagara Falls, riverbeds in Dayton, OH (fossil collecting), AIG’s Creation Museum, and Joe Taylor’s Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum.


* A.A. (two and three year degrees) from Wyldewood Baptist Bible Institute. 4.0 GPA.

* A.A. in applied arts with honors and member of National Dean’s list, Finlandia University. 2nd in class in cellular biology (Prof. Donald Walhalla). 1st in class in general science at East Detroit High School (instructors Maata, Jasina).

* Honorable Mention Induction into the Creation Science Hall of Fame.

* Presenter at Society of Creation (CRS) and Creation Science Society of Milwaukee.

* Contributor to Reasons to Affirm …” booklet series with the Creation Research Society.

* Have spoken at Concordia University, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and Fox Valley Technical College.


Teno Groppi

307 Merritt AV

Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

920-385-7860 (home)

920-376-0828 (cell)  (primary) (phone)