skeletonYou’ve probably never heard of this skeleton – it’s kept quiet by evolutionists.
This well-authenticated discovery had been in the British Museum in London for nearly 70 years.
In 1812, a 5′ 2″ fully human female skeleton was found, missing only the feet and head. It was found inside hard, ancient limestone, that was part of a formation more than a mile long! Modern geological dating places this formation at 28 million years old!
When the two-ton limestone block, containing Guadeloupe Woman, was displayed in the British Museum in 1812, it was displayed as proof of the Genesis Flood. But that was 20 years before Lyell and nearly 50 years before Darwin. In 1881, the exhibit was quietly taken down to the basement and hidden there.

     Of course, these are some proposed “ape men” you may have heard of – but with the other side of the story you probably haven’t heard. There are apes and there are men, but NO ape-men.

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