Teno Groppi

307 Merritt AV

Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

Please make any checks to me. I don’t have a “business” account set up for Genesis Evidence Ministry yet. I don’t like the idea of calling a ministry a “business”, though I may have to eventually 🙁


920-426-9885 (home)

920-376-0828 (cell)



WARNING: I do post provocative things on Facebook. They sometimes rub people the wrong way. I think sometimes people NEED to be rubbed the wrong way. My goal is to get people to think. I don’t even always agree with the things I post, but they are often compelling, challenging, and thought provoking. I think that is edifying, albeit not always pleasant. Reality and truth are not always all positive. There is PLENTY of lovey-dovey, positive stuff floating around and I don’t need to add to that. Not everybody sees it that way, and I don’t expect everyone has to be like me.