When on the road here are some things I might need or prefer:


I have my own laptop and projector. If you have a projector, we can use either one. I can use other computers with Powerpoint (I have all my lessons on a thumb-drive as well as on the laptop), but some of the fonts may get substituted.

I WILL need a place to show the Powerpoints, either a screen or a light-colored wall or surface. The bigger the better. Dinosaurs and stuff look really cool on large surfaces (but normal sized screens, white boards, or walls do suffice).

I have an extension cord for the projector and my laptop battery lasts 8-10 hours before needing recharging.


I can stay with a church member, in a prophet’s chamber, or in a hotel. Some churches can’t afford hotels, especially for longer stays. Neither can I, so I understand that 🙂

I always bring myself enough reading & study material to keep myself occupied. I enjoy that. If you have anything planned to do (visitation, witnessing, touring, whatever), that’s great, I’m game – but don’t feel you have to keep me entertained.


I’m a carnivorous dinosaur. I’m not big on foreign foods or green veggies. Just give me some meat to gnaw on and I’ll be content. Any meat, beef, pork, chicken, seafood (fresh or salt water), turkey, venison, elk, bear, pheasant, duck, water buffalo, yak, wildebeest …A plain old restaurant with a variety of normal American foods is fine. Buffets are good. I like steak houses and seafood places, but they tend to be too pricey.

Potatoes and corn are good sides for me. Rice, mac & cheese, fries, cheese or garlic bread (most kinds of breads), and various noodles are good. Butter is fine for all of them. People try to make fancy things and mix things together, but I prefer things more simple. I like raw carrots and radishes, too.

I don’t like most vegetables (or tomatoes, which are technically fruit). I wish I did. That would make things a whole lot easier. If it was just that I didn’t really care for them, but could tolerate them, I’d go ahead and eat them anyway. I have done that several times. I don’t at all mean to be ungrateful, but I think it would be worse if I started gagging at someone’s table (and that has happened when I’ve tried to force something down that really doesn’t agree with me). If I don’t like broccoli (for example), it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate someone providing a meal. It means I don’t like broccoli. If I could force myself to like it, I would. Please don’t get offended or angry. It’s not your fault, but if I have not liked veggies since childhood, your veggie dish is not going to be the one I finally like. I know you want your kids to eat them because they’re healthy (so did my mom, by force, which is probably why I can’t stand them now), but I’m not one of your 10 year olds, so you need not worry about my health. Ketchup and BBQ sauce are okay (the tomato is drowned out by the sugar and spices).

I drink coke (though I’m trying to limit that), tea, grape juice, lemonade (without pulp), some other sodas, milk (white or chocolate), or just water. I like ice in my drinks (except for the milk). I don’t like coffee. I tried to like it when I worked night shift, but ended up adding more and more cream and sugar.

Also, I lost 90 pounds over the past year doing “intermittent fasting”. I usually don’t eat anything until after 5 pm. I am maintaining more than losing at this point, so it’s not imperative to keep on that plan every day. When I’m on the road, and especially on Sundays, it’s harder to stay on that plan, but I do if I can. It’s not a high priority though, so don’t worry about adjusting your schedules or church meals, or anything. (The intermittent fasting has been put on hold due to throat and digestive problems. I’m trying to work on a way to get back to it because that has caused me to gain some weight back.)


As far as the meetings, I strive to accommodate what you want. I believe the pastor knows best what his people most need. If you have any requests, feel free to tell me how many meetings you want, or what subjects you’d like covered, and I will oblige as best I can. I always have a game plan ready, but I’m willing to alter it if necessary.

Also, I want to be used as much as possible. I have over 30 different messages and if I only give a few, I almost feel like I am cheating the people out of a lot of valuable information.



In the interest of full disclosure, because it is important to some, I am compelled to acknowledge that I have been divorced. I have never been deceptive or secretive about it (It’s here on my website for the whole world to see. I’ve included it in my newsletters). It really should be immaterial since I’m not asking to be a bishop or deacon in anybody’s church.

I certainly don’t recommend divorce and I can guarantee I hate it more than you do. I have to live with the repercussions of it every single day.

My ex suffered from severe depression brought on largely from not being able to bear children. After her final miscarriage (of at least six) she had to have a hysterectomy. She found a child she was enamored with and ran off with his father, trying to fill that hole in her life. Knowing that if she thought about it, she’d be convicted to return, she divorced me and married him (illegally by WI statute) ASAP to burn all bridges as fast as possible.

Now over 20 years later, she has gotten her depression under better control. She is now married to another godly man (the one she left me for, Richard, was physically abusive to her, but Sam is a really good guy) and they are serving the Lord faithfully in Alabama. I have even spoken at the church they attend.

Feel free to call Pastor Randy King or Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl (920-235-5400) for their take on my situation. You can also contact Pastor Robert Hatch of Bible Baptist Church in Winneconne, WI. (920-582-7100)

Read the details at: http://genesisevidence.org/home/about-teno/my-familys-salvation/divorce-disclaimer/