Weak Week

70% of young people in Bible-believing churches drop out by adulthood because they see the Bible as a “religious” book, but not a source of absolute truth in areas like science, archaeology, history, prophecy, etc.. (AiG commissioned Beemer Report)

It is vital that we give our young people, and new Christians, substantiation that the Bible is indeed God’s word, true and accurate in all matters. The main reason is that they are taught evolution, and against the Bible (socialism, humanism, environmental extremism, sexual promiscuity, the sodomite agenda, etc.) in the public schools, on TV, on the radio, on the internet, in other media, in Hollywood movies, at museums and zoos – just about everywhere. Getting that stuff for 40-50 hours a week won’t be countered by an hour or two in church on Sunday. The preaching goes right through them. They have no foundation for believing the Bible.

That is TRAGIC, and my goal is to prevent the drop-out rate and give people the foundation necessary to believe the Bible. God does not require blind, ignorant faith. Bible faith is reasonable, tried, proved, and confirmed.

My ministry is like the legs of a table. If the devil kicks out a leg, the whole table falls down – salvation, Jesus Christ, the resurrection, heaven, hell, morality, accountability, the rapture, the second coming, godly standards, and all other Bible doctrine. We need to put the legs back under the table before the table can stand.

And it’s getting worse with EVERY GENERATION! Whereas probably 90% or more of older generations would consider the Bible to be the word of God, the current generation, the “Millennials” (who are raising the next generation) look at the Bible this way:

Scripture: 24%

Moral: 30% (but not scripture, which really makes it immoral, since it claims to be scripture!)

Irrelevant: 19%

Dangerous: 27% (It is dangerous, but not for the reasons they claim! It’s dangerous to reject the Bible)

Barna Group on Millennials