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What Genesis Evidence Ministry (GEM) provides:

I provide a mix of biblical sermons and Powerpoint messages defending the truth of the Bible. My job is to minister to what you think your church needs. If you see something you’d like to request (or avoid), I’ll endeavor to accommodate.

My goal is to give people confidence to believe the Bible, by substantiating the foundational (and oft-denied) truths of Genesis. I liken these basic doctrines to legs of a table on which all of what we believe rests. That’s why the devil attacks those same things so fiercely.

At least 3 or 4 sessions (1 sermon for every 2-3 Powerpoints) are preferable because of the vastness of the topic. Several churches have had me do 6 or 7 sessions. However, the Lord has given me a few messages that are appropriate for one-time events, so I can accommodate Sunday-only requests.


Biblical preaching with Powerpoint presentation:

Jesus Saith, I Am the Truth – How can you believe on Jesus if you deny the things He believed were actual events?

Fear Not … Only Believe! – Scriptural message combined with exciting evidence showing you do not have to be afraid to believe anything in the Bible, nor be afraid of anything science might uncover.

And God said … and it was so! – Scriptural message combined with further stunning evidence showing you can believe every detail of every account of the Bible.

Faith, not Foolish Frauds – God does not require us to have blind, ignorant faith. He provides for us to have a reasonable, tried, proven faith.

“Skullduggery” (Human Evolution) – Exposing the lies and frauds in the supposed “ape men”.

Creation and the King James Bible – A look at our time-tested English Bible with textual, historical, and archaeological evidence showing you can believe every word of the KJB.


Strictly Preaching

Sermons Include:

Creation is Crucial – How the entire Bible depends on the early chapters of Genesis. Usually the first Sunday AM sermon I do.

Genesis and American Apostasy – Virtually all that ails America is a result of abandoning the early chapters of Genesis.


Full-length (30-40 minute) Powerpoint presentations:

“Buried Treasure” (Bible Archaeology) – Not creation in the specific sense, but a great message defending the accuracy and truth of the Bible in every detail.

Dinosaurs and Man – Dinosaurs were created on day 6 with the other animals and lived contemporaneously with humans.

Dinosaurs Today – Is it possible some dinosaurs have survived until modern times?

Footprints of the Flood – Human and dinosaur tracks are fascinating evidence they lived at the same time – recently.

Giants in the Earth – Evidence that there have been giants, both animals and humans, in the past.

“Old As Dirt” (Young Earth) – Evidence for a 6,000 year old earth.

Ancient Technology – Humans have never been dumb, brute “cave men”.

Evolution Fairy Tales – Some of the claims of evolution match the fairy tales we tell our kids.

Universal Centrality – Evidence that the earth is located in the center of the physical universe.

The Sky is Falling – Exposing global warming as a fraud and giving the biblical perspective on weather.

Noah’s Ark – Demonstration done with scale model ark and other figures.


Shorter (15-20 minutes) Powerpoint lessons: (to fit time constraints).

Fresh Fossils (blood, DNA) – Shows the recent findings of soft-tissue, blood cells, and DNA in dinosaur remains, proving they could not have lived 65 million years ago. Not more than a few thousand.

Creationary Predictions – Answers the claim that creationists don’t make scientific predictions (Bill Nye parroted this several times in his debate with Ken Ham).

98% Chimp? – Totally refutes the claim that our DNA is 98% like ape DNA.

Ancient Advancements – Ties in with “Ancient Technology,” but deals more with structures than inventions.


Shorter (10-15 minutes) Powerpoint lessons: Many places ask for more, and two 40-minute messages are a lot.

Antikythera Lego – Fascinating look at an analog computer found on a Greek ship that sank during the time of Christ.

Evolution Handicaps Science – How evolutionary assumptions have handicapped scientific and medical advancement.

Dino-to-bird (“Jurassic Lark”) – Exposes the folly that dinosaurs could have evolved into birds.

Ropen (Pterodactyl) – Some photos and testimony of people who say they saw pterodactyls in Papua, New Guinea.

I am constantly updating, expanding, and adding new messages to my arsenal.