anthropology hoaxAbove we see Haeckel apply his creative artistic talents again to distort Huxley�s skeletal drawings. It�s no wonder why Haeckel was rebuked by Jena University (where he taught) on charges of fraud. He confessed that some of his drawings were �falsified� in a letter to M�nchener Allegemeine Zeitung, published 1-9-09. embryonic lie

Another fraudulent piece of evidence the H-boys tag-teamed to produce was called monera. In 1866 Haeckel predicted that a transitional substance would be found on sea floors, to fill the gap between non-living matter and life. So certain was he that he even named it monera ahead of time. Mud was dredged from the sea floor and called Bathybius haeckelii by Huxley, and monera was proclaimed as a fact.
In 1875 chemists from the boat, HMS Challenger, which did the dredging, determined that the substance was actually gypsum – a rock! This fact was not translated into English and made public until 1971 – nearly 100 years later!
Evolutionists proclaim that their theory is “self-correcting”, but these FACTS Tracts document numerous frauds and falsehoods that were believed for 40, 60, 80, even 100 years before being corrected. And many other beliefs were based on the original falsehood during those ensuing decades.

Pithecanthropus alalus

The “speechless apeman”, called Pithecanthropus alalus, was another example of Haeckel�s handiwork. Believing that speech was the primary difference between man and apes, Haeckel postulated a missing-link which would be an ape-man that did not yet acquire the ability to speak. He gave it a zoological name and hired Gabriel Max to draw the creature (apparently this was too much for such an �accomplished� artist as Haeckel to handle by himself). There isn�t, nor ever was, one shred of evidence for this silent, missing link.

Haeckel also lived near the archaeopteryx fossils, and it would not be unreasonable to suspect foul play involved with those as well, though none has yet been proven.

Hoaxer HaeckelBut we have seen enough deceit from Haeckel to depict him fairly as a liar.