Here are testimonies from churches I have ministered at:

The Victory Baptist Church of Crossville, Tennessee was greatly blessed by the ministry of Teno Groppi Saturday and Sunday 13 and 14 June. He presented a “Creation Seminar” using PowerPoint display. He also had three tables full of artifacts which he showed and explained to us all of which confirmed the Bible. I believe every Bible believing church in America should have this man come and present a creation seminar. – Dr. James Schoolfield, Victory Baptist Church, Crossville, TN

Dear Brother In Christ, I would like to take this opportunity to send along a letter of recommendation for Teno Groppi, and the Genesis Evidence Ministry. There are a number of ministries defending the Biblical account of creation these days, but the ministry presentation from Bro. Groppi is unique in a couple of ways that I would like to mention. First of all, Teno is a true Bible believer, which is quite evident in his presentation. All of his material is distinctively King James, and his method of teaching will reassure your people that they can trust the Bible God has given them. Secondly, Bro. Groppi has the ability to speak to the common man. While he is obviously knowledgeable and understands the scientific terms of his field, he seems to keep in mind his audience and is able to speak on their level. I know that our Church enjoyed being able to grasp all of the concepts that were presented, and our people were encouraged to see just how easy it is to explain God’s creation.  I’m sure that Bro. Groppi will be a blessing to you and your Church, as he was to ours. If there is any other information that you would like, please feel free to contact me at 608-524-2604 or May the Lord bless you and your work, Pastor Fred Weiss, Bible Baptist Church, Reedsburg, WI

“Brother Teno Groppi has devoted himself to creation science, and proves it using various aides and resources, but most importantly, the King James Bible. He was a true blessing to Faith Baptist, and he would be a blessing to you as well.” Pastor Brandon Teague, Faith Baptist Church Paris, Texas

“It is with the utmost confidence that I commend to your ministry Teno Groppi. Teno taught a creation conference at out church as well as ministered to our state Pastor’s fellowship. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the word of God and creation science is infectious. I know that if you host Brother Groppi you and your congregation will be greatly blessed. In Christ,”Dr.  Bruce A. Craig, Temple Baptist Church Baldwinsville, NY Isa. 6:8

“I am pleased to recommend Teno Groppi to your church. I have had the privilege to get to know Bro. Groppi during our Vacation Bible School from 2014. Our church enjoyed his informative presentations, display and visual aids. Bro. Groppi has a passion for his ministry and a burden to reach the lost through biblical teaching and preaching on Creation. Four weeks ago we had a mother of one of the children from the 2014 VBS that accepted Christ as her savior. She is now being discipled and growing faithful in the weekly church services. We, Praise the Lord for how the Lord continued to work after Bro. Groppi was with us nearly one year ago. We will have Bro. Groppi back as the Lord leads our church to have him come again. If I can answer any questions about Bro. Groppi, please contact me at the information provided on this letter. Respectfully,”Pastor Shawn Suri Riverview Baptist Church, Seymour, WI P.O. Box 352 Oneida, WI 54155 (216 N. Main St. Seymour, WI 54165) Church Phone: 920.530.6308

“Brother Teno did a very good job at our youth revival in early April. The moment that sticks out the most in my mind was the night that he took a pause to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. He plainly stated that if he convinces someone there is a Creator God but they never meet Christ and die lost that he has failed. That let me know without a doubt that he is in this for the right reason. Not only did he present his creation ministry, but he also helped with some skits we were doing all week for the youth. Teno was very gracious the entire week and we are planning on having him back next year. Your church will not regret inviting him to present his work.” – Bro. Jamie Lucas, Youth Pastor, Bolt Fundamental Baptist Church, Bolt, West Virginia

Brother Teno, Thank you so much for coming and preaching at our church. It was a real blessing with good, King James Bible preaching. The information that you presented was both intriguing and biblically accurate. Your power point presentations were captivating and informative. Our people were delighted with the truth of Genesis applied to the creation around us. We really enjoyed your fossils, pictures and other props. We recommend your ministry to any church that is interested in the truth about our world from a Biblical prospective. Thank you again.Pastor Aaron Campbell, Fountain Square Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana.

I enjoyed so very much your presentation at Victory Baptist Church on Sat., June 13th. I have a lot to think about now that you have answered so many questions and have bombarded my brain with so many facts and information. You have a amazing ministry. Also, thank you for coming down here so soon after the passing of your father [He died 6-11-15 – TG]. God Bless. – Mark Strickland, Victory Baptist Church, Crossville, TN