My desire is to meet your needs – to be a blessing to Churches and Pastors, to edify Christians, and to reach the lost. My job is to minister to what you think your church needs, not to cause strife. You don’t have to believe everything just like I do, but I want to be open and honest on what I believe about the Bible. I have preached at places that do not hold solely to the King James Bible without incident. If you see something among my messages you’d like to request (or  avoid), I’ll endeavor to accommodate, short of violating my conscience before God.

I actually believe the Bible I preach out of from cover to cover. Being that the goal of my ministry is to increase and strengthen people’s faith in the Bible, it seems to me that should be considered as a good attribute.

Here are my two websites dealing with the Bible versions issue:

King of Books – My current blog with dozens of entries dealing with many aspects of the Bible version debate.

King’s Word – My old site with several articles on the King James Bible


I did have some meetings cancelled when the deacon found out I was a King James Bible believer. I did not make it an issue or a matter of division – HE DID.

Here is a response from my long-time friend, Glen Snider that I believe is applicable to the situation should the matter arise again:

Well, you know I am a KJB man but I don’t get how it would ‘negatively affect’ a creation seminar if you used the KJB. I mean, he could do a light hearted qualification at the beginning about Bible versions if it’s so blasted important to him, for goodness sake. We’re talking about godless atheism vs. biblical creation! With the direction this country is going, I think wholesale persecution of Christians is a very real possibility in the near future and this type of silliness will be a ‘luxury’ that the blood bought church of Jesus Christ can no longer afford!

Another friend, Steven, who runs a creation directory, asked me about the issue:

Our question was regarding the KJV-only position you take. Is this a large part of your ministry? Or do you focus mostly on creation? If someone who reads/quotes from the NASB or ESV, how would you handle such a person?

My response, which fully satisfied him:

My philosophy is that I am there to minister and be a blessing, not to cause trouble or strife. I do my King James Bible message only at churches who are like-mined (or upon request). However, I do believe and use the KJB myself and I’m not going to apologize for actually *believing* the Bible I use. If someone else uses another version, that’s their business, but I use, and believe, the KJB. Most of the churches I’ve spoken at are on the same page, but I have spoken at places that don’t hold that position, and it has never been an issue yet. Out of close to 30 messages I have available, one is specifically on the KJB and one has some archaeological items that support a reading in the KJB. So the vast preponderance is defending the Genesis creation account.”