Rom 11:29 For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.


Last time we met, I was celebrating the most successful span of my ministry, seeing many visitors, having great meetings, seeing many get saved. My step-daughter was planning on taking a mission trip to Puerto Rico (which is going on now). Then the devil stepped in. I went through a sudden, unexpected, devastating divorce after a joyous ten year marriage to Christie. That already automatically disqualifies me to many of the brethren, but I am not trying to be a bishop (1 Tim 3), only to serve the Lord with the things He has equipped me.

That obviously derailed some of my plans. After time, counsel, and prayer, Pastor Brenenstuhl is encouraging me to get back on the road. Anyone wanting more details about my situation is welcome to contact him (or Pastor Robert Hatch who is also familiar with my situation), or me through contact info on this website. Both will testify that I am scripturally “blameless” (according to 1 Tim 3) in the ordeal. I do not wish to besmirch my ex-wife publicly.

Feel free to call Pastor Randy King or Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl (920-235-5400) for their take on my situation. You can also contact Pastor Robert Hatch of Bible Baptist Church in Winneconne, WI. (920-582-7100)


For the past five years I have been married to Robin. She has a Master’s degree in music (voice and music education) from Bob Jones University and the University of New Orleans. She can also be a blessing to your church in music. When she lived in Missouri, she was the music teacher to Sen. Josh Hawley’s children.

Her father, Austin Robertson, has been a preacher for over 60 years. He and John Stormer (“None Dare Call it Treason”) pioneered the Christian school movement in America. Josh McDowell also used his Master’s thesis as a chapter in his original edition of, “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” (considered one of the top 20 most influential Christian books even written).