Some of my real fossils, megalodon tooth, triceratops vertebrate, closed clam from mountaintop, mosasaur tooth, woolly mammoth jaw, T-rex bone.


Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, Phil 3:13

The domestic news keeps getting better. Not only is Hannah (who will turn 13 this month) excelling at Wyldewood Christian School (95% and above in all subjects) instead of floundering in the public schools, but she has been in our home full-time. Her unsaved father doesn’t like that she is living for the Lord again, so he has effectually given her over to us 24/7. Praise God!

Our other kids are all making spiritual moves in the right direction. CJ, 17, is interested in a girl he met at work and has been bringing her to church. It’s been good to see that be a priority to him. April (soon to be 20), moved back in, is going to college, and is going to start going to church again, after a heart-to-heart with her mom. Michael, 15, has been the most steady.

I’ve been preaching at three different nursing homes regularly. I’ve been doing that for over 25 years. I don’t think I’m particularly good at it, but the Lord must want me to keep doing it.

Once a month I preach to our King’s Kids Wednesday evening youth group.

Last week I did the chapel service at Wyldewood Christian School. For that the Lord gave me a brand new message, “The Wages of Sin is Death”, using several of my fossils to demonstrate sin and death. I have made a Powerpoint out of it and it will become my main Sunday School message in the future. The other messages I used to do often for SS have become longer (I am always getting updated information in the creation/Bible defense realm) and are now full-length messages.


        I went to a couple of weekend meetings with some guys from Door Bible Baptist in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert). We were able to save overnight hotel expenses by going as a group. One was Racine Baptist Temple Pastor Frank Williams‘ annual men’s meeting (held at Pastor Clayton JonesTri-County Baptist, where I have been several times). The other was a “grace” meeting at Pastor Mark WagenshutzTwin Ports Baptist Church in Superior, WI.


        This weekend, I’ll be right across from Superior, at North Star Baptist Church (Pastor David Sorenson) in Duluth, Minnesota for a Sunday-thru-Wednesday seminar.

I had a meeting planned at Victory Baptist Church (Pastor Randy Wandell) in Beloit, WI cancelled because of the 10 below zero weather. We should be able to reschedule that one soon.


        I have two local meetings scheduled in March, and possibly another at Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Robert Hatch) in Winneconne, WI.


        We’re planning another week-long seminar at Bolt Fundamental Baptist Church (Pastor Jim Lucas) in West Virginia. Last year about a half-dozen churches got together to have monthly combined youth rallies, and my ministry was their kick-off. Apparently they are doing well enough to invite me back this year. In fact, they want me back twice this year. Once for the youth and once for the church, I assume. Pastor Lucas just had a successful triple-bypass surgery this week, so pray for his recovery.


        I’ll be back in New York, this time at Temple Baptist Church (Pastor Vince Williams), in Norwich, NY for a week-long series of meetings.

I have a few future meetings planned for later in the year, including a return to Anchor Bible Baptist (Pastor Darren LaRue) in Ohio and a meeting for the Northwoods Creation Association in September.

NOW is the time to schedule a meeting for your church. Call 920-376-0828 or respond to this email.

Here are just a handful of the real fossils in my collection. I also have many replicas, castings, and other artifacts – all used to defend the absolute accuracy of the word of God (KJB). My display usually takes up three standard-sized tables.