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Genesis Evidence Ministry ( is a ministry of Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI ( Anyone looking for Genesis-based preaching and apologetics (from a local-church sent KJB believer) can call the church (920 235-5400) or my home (920 426-9885). I’m looking to meet your needs whether it be one session, a weekend, or an entire week. Please spread the word!

For those who are looking for examples of what I can provide, here are several examples that are online.


Here are some YouTube videos I did at First Baptist Church in Parishville, NY, Pastor Pedro Morales:

Start at the 9:00 mark to hear, “The Sky is Falling“, refuting global warming (climate change):

Preaching starts at 14:30, but it’s intro stuff until 20:00, so you might want to start there. Message on “Old As Dirt” – Young earth evidences.Goes till about 1:07:

Go to the 10:00 mark to watch, “Dinosaurs and Man“:

Skip to 26:30 to get to the message, “Fresh Fossils“:

Skip to the 31:00 mark to get to the message, “Jesus Saith … I Am the Truth“:

Hop to the 13:00 mark to get to the actual message, “Dead Bones“:


Here are the three Youtube video messages I did at Fountain Square Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Pastor Aaron Campbell (the sound is low on two of them): – “Fresh Fossils” (Sunday School) – “Jesus Saith, I Am the Truth” (AM Service) – “Giants in the Earth” (Youth Service)


Here are a few I preached (video) at Gateway Anabaptist Church in Monroe, Michigan (Pastor Dan Hardin and David Ickes). I preach there pretty much annually: and Hell to Determine Godly Music

(These two are currently offline as of 6-25-16. I hope they put them back up.) – Creation and the King James Bible (On Ustream rather than Youtube).


Here’s a creation message (video) I did at Wyldewood Baptist Church

My wife and daughter provided the special music:


Here are some of the items I did in New York in 2015, recorded by Dave Falang:

Evolutionists Steal Evidence of Giants:

FOSSILS, FOSSILS, and More FOSSILS (One hour overview of much of my collection):

Clam fossils found at 29,000 feet on mountain:


I’ve been a guest on several Old Paths Broadcast shows (audio). The first 30 minutes is a commentary on the news of the week, then we get into the topic.  Here is a show I did on “America’s Apostasy: Rejection of Genesis