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Genesis Evidence Ministry ( is a ministry of Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI ( Anyone looking for Genesis-based preaching and apologetics (from a local-church sent KJB believer) can call the church (920 235-5400) or my home (920 376-0828). I’m looking to meet your needs whether it be one session, a weekend, or an entire week. Please spread the word!

For those who are looking for examples of what I can provide, here are several examples that are online. – My more CURRENT updates appear here to save space on this paid website and because it’s easier and faster for me.


“Creation is Crucial”

Here is an introductory message as to how crucial the creation account is to the rest of the Bible. Absolutely imperative.

Ending song, “Praise Ye the Lord”, with some testimony about the author, Joachim Neander:

Special song before service (Alan & Ellen Ives, and my wife Robin):


MANY of my messages are now online on the Bath Bible Institute Youtube site operated by Bro. Jason Knowles in Bath, England (near Bristol). – The Bath Bible Institute (Bath, England). Bro. Jason Knowles has posted most of my messages on the BBI Youtube site.

Messages Include: Dinosaurs and Man, Dinosaurs Today?, Fresh Fossils, Giant Animals, Giants in the Earth (humans), Skullduggery (human and ape skulls), Buried Treasure (biblical archaeology), One of Their Own (evolutionist admissions), Blue Genes, Molecular Motors, The Sky is Falling! (refuting climate hysteria), and The Universe Really Does Revolve Around Me! (Geocentricity, Scripture, Science, and Scientists). By the time you read this, Ancient Technology, Ancient Advancements, and Creation and the King James Bible will probably be there as well. (March 2023, about 30 of my messages are now up there).



I did several messages at Heartland Baptist Church in Perryville, MO Pastor Jim Kiefer:

Heartland Baptist Perryville – YouTube – stream page Seminar – Jesus Saith – YouTube – “Jesus Saith, I Am the Truth” – “Buried Treasure” (Bible archaeology)
Creation Seminar – Skullduggery – YouTube – “Skullduggery” (Ape Man claims demolished)

The Ultimate Flow Chart – YouTube – “Ultimate Flow Chart” (for unbelievers)

Dinosaurs Today – YouTube – “Dinosaurs Today”

Creation Seminar – Fresh(er) Fossils – YouTube – “Fresh(er) Fossils”

Here are some YouTube videos I did at First Baptist Church in Parishville, NY, Pastor Pedro Morales:

Start at the 9:00 mark to hear, “The Sky is Falling“, refuting global warming (climate change):

Preaching starts at 14:30, but it’s intro stuff until 20:00, so you might want to start there. Message on “Old As Dirt” – Young earth evidences. Goes till about 1:07:

Go to the 10:00 mark to watch, “Dinosaurs and Man“:

Skip to 26:30 to get to the message, “Fresh Fossils“:

Skip to the 31:00 mark to get to the message, “Jesus Saith … I Am the Truth“:

Hop to the 13:00 mark to get to the actual message, “Dead Bones“:


Here are the three Youtube video messages I did at Fountain Square Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Pastor Aaron Campbell (the sound is low on two of them): – “Fresh Fossils” (Sunday School) – “Jesus Saith, I Am the Truth” (AM Service) – “Giants in the Earth” (Youth Service)


Here are a few I preached (video) at Gateway Anabaptist Church in Monroe, Michigan (Pastor Dan Hardin and David Ickes). I preach there pretty much annually: and Hell to Determine Godly Music

(These two are currently offline as of 6-25-16. I hope they put them back up.) – Creation and the King James Bible (On Ustream rather than Youtube).


Here’s a creation message (video) I did at Wyldewood Baptist Church

My wife and daughter provided the special music:


Here are some of the items I did in New York in 2015, recorded by Dave Falang:

Evolutionists Steal Evidence of Giants:

FOSSILS, FOSSILS, and More FOSSILS (One hour overview of much of my collection):

Clam fossils found at 29,000 feet on mountain:


I’ve been a guest on several Old Paths Broadcast shows (audio). The first 30 minutes is a commentary on the news of the week, then we get into the topic.  Here is a show I did on “America’s Apostasy: Rejection of Genesis and one on Creation and the KJB


Perhaps the most important and timely message I have ever preached was on evolution and the homosexual movement. Youtube removed it from the BBI site, but it is still available on Bro. Don Nesbitt’s Youtube site at: Edited shorter edition: “Evolutionary Queery Theory” Bath Bible Institute – YouTube