Moran Chicken

Dr. Moran, I sent this invitation to your U-Toronto email address, but received no reply, perhaps because it’s summertime:

Dr. Moran, I see you want to debate America creationists. I can arrange a debate for you with Kent Hovind. We could host it here in Oshkosh, WI if we can do it in-person, or we could arrange it on the internet via Skype. I’ll be awaiting your reply.

I FB messaged this to Dr. Moran 8-8-15. If you go to his FB page you can see he posts on it regularly. Yet, I haven’t received a reply to either request, despite the fact that Moran advertises himself as someone who loves to debate creationists.

Is Dr. Moran evolving into a chicken right before our eyes?

Feel free to contact him and encourage him to accept my offer.