Barnum Brown

This country is going APE!
         The two hot news items lately are BOTH an indication of how destructive the concept of evolution has become in our society.

We have the continuing saga of people not knowing what gender should use which facilities. President Obama came out with a directive insisting schools open up their bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and sports teams to any gender.

Gender is a grammatical term in the first place. There are two sexes, male and female. Our society would know that if they followed Genesis.

The scary thing is that by giving “transgenders” government sanction and protection, it allows any pervert predator to have access to girl’s dressing rooms. It gives teenage boys across the country to take advantage of that and gain access to the showers with your young daughters!

The good news is that the directive also applies to sports teams. We are already seeing some boys join girl’s teams. When enough girls are forced out of sports, the left will have to back off on this gender blender nonsense at least some. Their hypocrisy will be exposed.

The other item is the accident at the Cincinnati zoo where a toddler somehow got into the gorilla enclosure. The gorilla tossed the kid around like a rag doll and surely would have killed him eventually. Had the gorilla dragged the child through trees and rocks on the ground instead of in the moat, the damage would’ve been indescribable. So the zoo officials quickly decided to shoot the gorilla after determining all other alternatives were dangerous for the child.

        The enviromentalists went ballistic over the demise of the animal. Again, a knowledge of the first few chapters of Genesis would tell them that Adam was created in God’s image and breathed into by the Spirt of God to become a living soul. Humans are infinitely more valuable than animals. It was a shame to lose the gorilla, but it would have been a horrible tragedy to have lost the child. The same people who think nothing of swatting an insect went apoplectic over the ape, but bugs are animals, too.

Again and again we see the evolution issue and the veracity of the early chapters of Genesis are a transforming factor in society. Getting away from Genesis brought us to this post-modern immorality. A return to Genesis can transform us back, if anything can. Current events constantly tell us that creation ministry is desperately needed in our society.


We had a blast at Temple Baptist Church (Pastor Vince Williams), in Norwich, NY for a week-long series of meetings. I love getting to cover several different topics over more lengthy meetings. We had several visitors including a public school teacher.

One of the senior members there said, “I’ve learned more this week than they taught me in 30 years in the world!” It’s great to see someone’s faith in the Bible confirmed and strengthened like that.

Just before the final session it rained in the distance and formed a beautiful rainbow as a backdrop.

One of the coolest things was that Pastor Williams was looking up stuff for overhead graphics and found out that Barnum Brown was buried just a few minutes from his home (Oxford, NY). Barnum Brown was the most famous paleontologist in history. He’s the man who discovered T-Rex, among the several tons of dinosaur bones he excavated.

        I had my normal monthly meeting at Door Bible Baptist in Brussels, WI. They said they are praying for me to remain credible. I sure hope that is the case. So far, every time I’ve encountered anyone who is an expert in a particular field, my stuff has passed muster. I also got to hear Pastor Mark Englebert preach at a recent fellowship meeting.


        I’ll be back in New York soon at First Baptist Church in Parishville, NY (Pastor Pedro Morales) for three messages on Sunday and another on Wednesday. I tacked on to that a return meeting to Baldwinsville, NY at Temple Baptist Church to fill the pulpit for retiring Pastor Bruce Craig. Their new pastor is expected to arrive the same week.

At the end of June will be a VBS for All Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Peder Methum) in Milwaukee. Pastor Methum has been sending his youth to the VBS at Bro. Clayton Jones‘ church in Franklin, WI (where I have been a few times, including their VBS) and decided to have his own program this year (though I’m sure the gang at Tri-County is welcome). All Bible is an inner-city church with an outreach to minority children who will really benefit from seeing the racist implications of evolution.

In July (6, 7, 8) I’ll be an exhibitor at the “Grace Beyond Words” conference at Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church in Lake Zurich, WI, compliments of Bro. Phil Stringer. My old creationist compatriot, Dr. Carl Baugh, is also scheduled to be there.

I have a few future meetings planned for later in the year, including a meeting for the Northwoods Creation Association in Ashland, WI this fall. Tacked onto the NCA meeting will be a weekend session at Harbor Lights Baptist Church (Pastor Randy Hoffman) up in Ashland. Then comes a return to Truth Baptist Church in Portage, WI (Pastor Reggie Williams) for a weekend in October. A return to West Virginia is in the works.

I’ve still got room for more, especially July and August! NOW is the time to schedule a meeting for your church. Call 920-376-0828 or respond to this email. If any of you are interested in having me for a meeting, I have created a new page on my website that tells what I have what I might need, and some pointers and basic information. Check it out at:


        I was forced to bite the bullet and buy a new laptop. It was more money than I really had available to spend, but it is well worth the cost. It’s much better and faster than my old laptops and has a convenient touch screen.

Our daughter Hannah won the grade point average award at Wyldewood Christian school. We are still celebrating. Our oldest boy, CJ, graduated from high school this month. Our oldest daughter, April, is working her way through college. I just saw an article where it takes five times as many hours to pay for tuition than it did in my college days, which makes her effort quite impressive. Our other boy, Michael just started driver’s training today.