Don’t be an April Fool!

Ps 53:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

        Someone would have to be a fool to look at the vast universe, our own earth, living things, a living cell, music, the ability to think, morality, and death, and think it all came about by random, natural processes.

Without God’s word, there is no basis for morality, for determining right from wrong. If we are just the result of random chemical reactions and nothing more than evolved animals, what makes anything right or wrong? We don’t prosecute animals for murder, theft, rape, cannibalism, or fraud. We don’t berate animals for promiscuity or adultery. Of course in our contemporary society, we no longer berate humans for promiscuity, adultery, or homosexuality. That is a direct result of abandoning a biblical outlook and adopting an evolutionary view.

My ministry endeavors to restore the biblical outlook, and my prayer is that you would have that same burden and avail your church of my ministry.

A recent Barna poll shows that Millennials (adults in their 20’s – the current generation) are pretty evenly divided into four groups in their view of the Bible. One group (24%) believes it to be scripture – the word of God. The second group (30%) believes it to be only good moral teaching (which makes no sense if it is not scripture, since the Bible claims to be scripture, and lying would not be good moral teaching). The third group (19%) believes the Bible to be irrelevant . The fourth group (27%) believes the Bible to be dangerous! The fourth group is right, but not for the reasons they think!

If you are dismayed at the decay of our society and how Christian florists, bakers, and pizzerias are being forced to accommodate the homosexuals (and how 2% of the population controls the other 98%), the answer is simple. Our society has abandoned Genesis and adopted an evolutionary view. It’s in Genesis we learn that God created one man and one woman for marriage. Apart from the Bible, there is no compelling reason to oppose homosexuality, or homosexual marriage.

On to more cheerful news, we had a great time at Bible Baptist Church in Reedsburg, WI with Pastor Fred Weiss and his family and church. Providentially, his church hosted a Pastor’s Fellowship a couple days later and Bro. Weiss graciously allowed me to leave my display set up for the other pastors to see.

At my monthly trip to Door Bible Baptist Church in Brussels, WI, I covered for Pastor Mark Englebert, who was out of town. I preached a message called “America’s Apostasy – Rejection of Genesis” which showed how every ill we have in America today can  be traced directly to rejecting the first two or three chapters in Genesis.

This Sunday (Easter) will be my third in a row at Bible Baptist Church of Winneconne, WI (Pastor Robert Hatch). I’ll be preaching on how the disciples approached the resurrection and how it transformed them.

Next week is the youth revival at Bolt Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in West Virginia, with Pastor Jim Lucas. On the way there and back I’ll be at Hamilton Square Baptist Church in Indianapolis with Pastor Aaron Campbell. I think it’s also Providential that I’ll be in Indiana while the religious freedom vs homosexual rights battle is going on. The homosexual onslaught in America today is a direct result of the creation/evolution battle. The ONLY way to stop it is to turn America back to the Genesis creation.

If the moral decay of America concerns you, and you don’t want your church and youth to become victims of it, please consider putting my ministry on your schedule for the spring or summer (or fall or winter for that matter). You can have confidence in knowing I am a local-church sent, Bible believing Baptist (Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI, Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl, Mission Pastor Randy King). You can contact me by email or phone:

307 Merritt AV
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901
920-426-9885 (home)
920-376-0828 (cell)

Nazareth Inscription

The attached photo is the “Nazareth Inscription“. It is confirmation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Romans and the Jews who crucified Him! Even His enemies acknowledged HE AROSE!