Spring is Coming!

It was hard to tell on our trip south, though. We headed to Florida, with a stop to preach at Victory Baptist Church in Cullman, Alabama (Pastor Keith Whitley). Tennessee and Kentucky got slammed by a virtual blizzard. They are not prepared to handle winter weather. The roads were very treacherous. We saw a couple dozen cars in ditches, several trucks turned over with tires blown and axles broken. There was at least one fatal accident ahead of us, where the entire freeway was closed while they got emergency vehicles and a helicopter to the scene. Once it got dark and it was hard to see the road, I decided we needed to stop and spend the night in a motel. Ironically, the motel was right next to a place in Cave City, KY called “Dinosaur World” ( http://dinosaurworld.com/). We got some photos of large dinosaur replicas that will probably be appearing in future updates.

The snow stretched down into Alabama. The people we stayed with in Moulton, AL (old friends from the church I got saved at 30 years ago in Detroit, MI) made a snowman the day after we left.

The meetings at Heritage Baptist Church in Princeton, IL with Pastor Chad Delhotal in IL went well. They were familiar with our friends Alan & Ellen Ives, musical evangelists out of Wyldewood Baptist Church. In one service a young girl raised her had in response to a salvation invitation, and then came forward during the invitation hymn. One skeptic/agnostic came for Sunday school and saw scads of evidence that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. He wouldn’t give his name or fill out a visitor card, but we pray he heard enough to lead him toward God and the Bible.

This Sunday I’ll be at Bible Baptist Church in Reedsburg, WI with Pastor Fred Weiss. One session will be “Jesus Saith I Am the Truth”, the other session is to be determined. The “Jesus Saith” message has been my most successful. It has a good balance of scripture and evidence, dealing with the specific claims of Jesus Christ Himself.

I’ll be preaching three times at Bible Baptist Church of Winneconne, WI (Pastor Robert Hatch). Bro. Hatch also works as a tax preparer, so he needs some pulpit supply during tax season. I’ve done creation messages at his church before, but these will be on other topics (I can do normal preaching, too, if you need pulpit supply). One will be a message on the Secret of David’s Success, another on Samson’s Follies, and a third [Easter Sunday] on how the disciples approached the resurrection.

There is a church in Wild Rose, WI that is currently without a Pastor. I may get some chances to preach there, some messages on creation, some regular preaching, depending on what they need.

Also will be my monthly trip to Door Bible Baptist Church in Brussels, WI to cover for Pastor Mark Englebert, who will be out of town that week.

Next month will be a week-long youth revival at Bolt Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in West Virginia, with Pastor Jim Lucas. On the way back I’ll be at Hamilton Square Baptist Church in Indianapolis with Pastor Aaron Campbell. I’ll actually be stopping there on the way to WV, as well. We met the Campbells last year on a layover on our trip to the Creation Museum near Cincinnati.

Please consider putting my ministry on your schedule for the spring or summer (or fall or winter for that matter). You can have confidence in knowing I am a local-church sent, Bible believing Baptist (Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI, Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl, Mission Pastor Randy King). You can contact me by email or phone: