Last Harsh Month!

Today (Feb 2nd) is groundhog hunting season. If I see a groundhog looking for his shadow, he’s in big trouble.

The meetings at Eastern Hills Baptist Church in Council Bluffs, IA (Pastor Brian Tatman) were every bit as thrilling as hoped! They support my good friends Jeff and Helen Christian, who are missionaries in Belarus, a country proclaimed by its own leader as “the most Communist country on earth”. They are also having my longtime pastor, Randy King, preach their missions conference in April. I left a note for Pastor King, since he will be staying in the same room.

We had a good variety of things at Eastern Hills, regular sermons, Powerpoints with lots of scripture, Powerpoints with lots of fossils & artifacts, and a session with my scale model Noah’s ark. The session with the ark and a Dinosaur Powerpoint were part of an area-wide school event. We had crowds from at least four area Christian schools in attendance, as well as many home schoolers. The Q&A sessions were as helpful to me as they were to the kids, because they reminded me that even Christian schooled kids don’t know some of the things I’ve come to take for granted. It helped me see even more just how vital this kind of ministry is, even in a place I might have assumed had little need in this area. These were all good, solid Bible believing churches/schools, with good, solid Bible preaching pastors (that’s why they were there!), yet the kids had their eyes opened to how truly easy the biblical account is to believe with some of the simplest concepts. It shows how the devil has saturated our whole society with evolutionary thought and people (even Christians) get so little of the other side of the story (the scientific and scriptural truth). A couple of simple things can drop the scales from people’s eyes and get them fascinated with God’s word.

This Thursday (2-5) I’ll be heading again to Door Bible Baptist Church in Brussels, WI. Pastor Mark Englebert has me scheduled to be at his place on a monthly basis. This time I’ll be giving my message on “Creation and the King James Bible”. As far as I know, I’m the only creationist who has such a message, and one of the very few who hold to the KJB as the pure word of God.

I went with Bro. Englebert, and some of his members (with several of us going, we could split the hotel costs), to an overnight men’s meeting down in Franklin, WI –Tri-County Baptist, Pastor Clayton Jones (and associate Ken Jones). I’m getting quite familiar with that church. The men’s meeting was originated by Pastor Frank Williams of Racine Baptist Temple.

I got some more information on the lady who got saved at First Bible Baptist Church in Green Bay (Pastor Harley Keck) at the Watchnight service. Her husband had just gotten saved a couple of weeks earlier. She started coming to church with him, apparently thinking she was already saved (like most Americans who grow up in mainline churches). After hearing the message, she realized she needed to be saved. Now her and her husband are going to be baptized together soon – and I’ve been invited to be there to observe. Praise the Lord!

I will be at Victory Baptist Church in Cullman, AL (Pastor Keith Whitley) in Alabama in February. I also have meetings coming up with Pastor Delhotal in IL, Pastor Weiss in Reedsburg, WI, Pastor Lucas in WVa, Pastor Hatch in Winneconne, WI, and Pastor Campbell in Indianapolis. If you are planning your calendar for 2015 soon, please consider putting my ministry on it. You can have confidence in knowing I am a local-church sent, Bible believing Baptist (Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI, Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl, Mission Pastor Randy King).