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“Well, the first thing is, how does something come out of nothing?” said Carson, who has written more than 100 neurosurgical publications. “And the second thing is, how does life evolve from non-life? Which, if you want to talk about fairy tales, those are incredible fairy tales.”

“And to say that that just came about sort of randomly by various mutations over the course of time, when as I just said mutations tend to lead to degeneration rather than improvement, just doesn’t make any sense,” said Dr. Carson. “So, the very things that they claim are evidence for evolution are the very things that damn the theory.”

“And the other thing is there are no intermediate species,” said Dr. Carson. “Where are they? It shouldn’t just evolve up to a certain point and then leap to the next species. There should be something in between at all given points of time, and there aren’t, and no one’s ever found them.”