Happy Independence Day!

        I’m sure this year’s Independence Day celebration will be tempered by the recent supreme Court rulings, especially the one in favor of homosexual “marriage”. Be of good cheer (John 16:33), that is just the kind of thing my ministry is designed to combat!

As the AiG cartoon below shows, the homosexual agenda is simply a symptom of abandoning our foundation. The enemy knows this and they attack our foundation, the Genesis creation, and thereby call into question the veracity of the entire Bible! If the Bible is not true in Genesis 1-3, how can we be sure it is true in John 1-3 (John 3:12!) or Romans 1-3?

I liken the Genesis account to the legs of a table. Everything we believe – salvation, sin, soulwinning, sanctification, second coming, sanctity of life, heaven, hell, resurrection, et al, including marriage, rests on Genesis. If the devil can kick out the legs from under the table, the whole table, and everything on it, tumbles down.

Why do we even know that same sex marriage is wrong? Because in the first chapters of Genesis, God made a man and a woman and established that as a marriage. Jesus Himself referred back to that as the authority for marriage (Matt 19:4, Mark 10:6).  The apostle Paul also pointed back to Adam and Eve in 1 Tim 2:13, and applied this concept to our salvation in 1 Cor 15:22 & 45. Our salvation is likened to the marriage between Jesus and the church. A same sex marriage doesn’t portray that relationship.


We need to be “wise as serpents” and attack the enemy’s foundation while fortifying ours. I’m all for fighting individual issues like abortion and homosexuality, but to really bring a tree down, you must saw at its base. Cutting off branches will have limited effect.

This sodomite agenda is not going to get better in the near future. It’s going to get worse, likely MUCH worse. It’s going to get deeper into our churches and grab more of our young people. My ministry is needed more than ever to put the legs back up under the table, and chop the tree down at its base. I want to protect and fortify our next generation from the sodomite assault. I’d rather be pro-active in prevention than reactive after our next generation gets taken by this snare of Satan.

If you need a recommendation, here is a good one from Pastor Fred Weiss:

Dear Brother In Christ,

I would like to take this opportunity to send along a letter of recommendation for Teno Groppi, and the Genesis Evidence Ministry. There are a number of ministries defending the Biblical account of creation these days, but the ministry presentation from Bro. Groppi is unique in a couple of ways that I would like to mention. First of all, Teno is a true Bible believer, which is quite evident in his presentation. All of his material is distinctively King James, and his method of teaching will reassure your people that they can trust the Bible God has given them. Secondly, Bro. Groppi has the ability to speak to the common man. While he is obviously knowledgeable and understands the scientific terms of his field, he seems to keep in mind his audience and is able to speak on their level. I know that our Church enjoyed being able to grasp all of the concepts that were presented, and our people were encouraged to see just how easy it is to explain God’s creation.  I’m sure that Bro. Groppi will be a blessing to you and your Church, as he was to ours.

If there is any other information that you would like, please feel free to contact me at 608-524-2604 or bbcreedsburg@att.net.

May the Lord bless you and your work,

Pastor Fred Weiss
Bible Baptist Church, Reedsburg, WI

You can find this, and several other recommendations at: http://genesisevidence.org/testimonies/

My summer schedule is thin (it picks back up in the fall and into next year). If you are interested in using my ministry to fortify faith in the Bible, especially as each generation in America gets further away from God, NOW is a good time to set up some meetings (this is VBS season, and I’ve done a number of VBSs). You can contact me by email or phone:

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