Lazy days of summer?

Even though I haven’t had as many meetings scheduled, that doesn’t men I haven’t been active in ministry.

I did have a meeting at Door Bible Baptist Church in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert), where I got to present them with brand new evidence for soft-tissues in dinosaur bones that had only been released a day or so earlier. Those soft-tissues are devastating to the evolutionary claims that dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago. What a fortification of our faith to see the evidence with our own eyes!

One of the great advantages of being friends with many of the prominent creation scientists is that I get access to the most current and state-of-the-art technology, developments, and discoveries. Several times I’ve been able to share ground-breaking developments within hours of their occurrence, meaning the church I was presenting in that day were the first people in the world to get that information. Wouldn’t you like your church to experience that cutting-edge?

Early in the month a group of dedicated soldiers of the Lord did a ministry event at the Green Bay sodomite “pride” picnic. We spent several hours involved in public ministry including street-preaching, tract distribution, and one-on-one witnessing. I have gotten much better at witnessing rather than just arguing, at such events (stop laughing Pastor Hatch!). The sodomite agenda is coming in like a flood and if we don’t bear a standard against it, we will be overwhelmed in the flood (Is 59:19). Simply speaking against it in church is “preaching to the choir”. We need to “go ye into the world”. With the recent supreme Court decision, this battle will only get hotter. It is directly related to Genesis creation issues. We know what marriage is, and that sodomite “marriage” is not legitimate, because of what the first few chapters of Genesis tell us. Jesus Himself referred to the Genesis account when speaking on marriage.

Every Tuesday we have a “Music on Main Street” event. We gather at the public square and sing hymns right out there in public. It gives us opportunity to witness to people and to distribute gospel tracts. It also got us a running invitation to sing live at a local coffee house on Main Street. We have ministered to multitudes that way, in a less confrontational manner (as opposed to the more confrontational type event at the “pride” picnic). We have seen people get saved, join the church, and become part of our singing group, through that ministry spearheaded by Seth King.

I have been doing our church’s nursing home ministry in Omro, WI, for over 20 years. After the supreme court marriage decision, I’ve had a burning burden to preach on that topic, but the venues have been limited. With an audience of 80 year olds with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, I generally preach messages on salvation, hope, and comfort to the seniors, basically trying to prepare them for death, whether saved or lost. A message on the sodomite agenda just didn’t seem relevant – but the Lord gave me a message on that, so I went with it. Little did I know that one of the ladies has been dealing with that in her own family and really needed the encouragement and ammunition that message provided.

Later in the month we paid a visit to Charles, the father of one of our church members. He is 86 and was recently diagnosed as terminal. We have visited him a few times in recent months, getting to know him, building a relationship and trust with him. Pastor King often said things like, “They won’t care what you know until they know you care.” Others have tried to witness to him with little success. He was not hostile to the gospel, but being a lifelong Lutheran, he wouldn’t take the last step and make a personal application.

During the conversation, Christie asked him about his eternity. Charles responded with a typical, “I think I’m going to heaven. I hope so.” So I pulled out the New Testament his daughter had given him, and did my best Jeff Brayton imitation as I opened to 1 John 5:13. Bro. Brayton was our long-time song leader at Wyldewood, and also led the music for me at Omro Care. He ended every service by quoting 1 John 5:13 and commenting “We don’t have to think so, hope so, maybe so, guess so – we can KNOW so!” I started there and then we through sin and the solution, and several minutes later Charles KNEW he was going to heaven and knew why! Praise the Lord for one saved on the precipice of death!

Christie and I also were able to take a weekend and go visit my mother in Michigan. She is doing remarkably well since the passing of my father a month ago. Knowing Jesus Christ as Saviour is the ONLY thing that can provide such comfort in the death of a loved one.

Also, I have spoken to Kent Hovind a few times since he has been back home. The attached video clip is of him answering some of my questions about his ministry plans. I am also in the process of arranging a debate between Bro. Hovind and Dr. Laurence Moran of the University of Toronto. Dr. Moran claims to love debating American creationists. He has not yet responded to my invitation. Kent said he’d do it “Any time, any place, with half my brain tied behind my back.”

        NOW is a good time to set up some meetings (this is VBS season, and I’ve done a number of VBSs). You can contact me by email or phone:

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