Back to School!

        It’s that time of year for teachers and students of all ages, including me. I will again be giving creation lessons to the children in our King’s Kids program at Wyldewood Baptist Church. There are plans in the works for me to minister at some other Christian schools. The attachment to this email deals with one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve ever had.

I’m going to make four 2-hour presentations at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh! Starting Tuesday evening September 29th (7:15-9:30), and the first three Tuesdays in October. What a glorious opportunity to reach college students (and others) with the evidence (archaeological, scientific, and biblical) confirming that the Bible (particularly Genesis) is absolutely accurate – and to give the gospel where it is sorely needed. You are all welcome to come and I covet your prayers that the truth of God will go forth mightily.

Summer of Sodom

        Once again, the sodomite agenda is thrust into the headlines. Last month it was the supreme Court decision favoring same sex marriage. Now it’s Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis being persecuted for upholding Kentucky state law banning same sex “marriage”. Kentucky not only has a law protecting traditional marriage, but also an Amendment that was supported by 75% of the voters. Additionally, the state law requires the female to file the marriage license, so it is illegal for the clerk to offer a marriage license to two men. The supreme Court made a decision (a court has no authority to make law) that she should be forced to violate her own state’s law and Amendment and be compelled to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Davis has refused and may be ordered to pay a fine or serve time in prison (she has just been put in jail as I type this), for simply obeying her state’s – and God’s, laws.

How did we get to this point in America where 3% of the population (professed homosexuals) controls the other 97%? Because we have gotten away from Genesis. That’s where we get the foundation for what marriage is, what sin is, and that we are accountable to the God who created us. Making the Genesis creation account a “minor” issue because it is “too divisive” has led to this. We no longer have biblical moorings for what marriage is. We no longer have the ammunition to oppose the sodomite agenda. We no longer have an absolute standard for determining morality at all.

You can help restore those moorings with my ministry. You can give your children the armor to protect themselves from the onslaught of the sodomite society they are growing up in. Between what they get in the public schools for 35 hours a week and what they get from the media (TV, radio, print, internet) the rest of the time, they need the fortification desperately.

Kent Hovind

        I was asked if I have adopted the post-tribulation views that Kent acquired while he was in prison. No, I am still decidedly pre-trib, in fact, more strongly so than ever, as this forced me to study the issue out more intently. Kent is still my friend, we can disagree on a point or two with grace. I’ve talked to him a few times since he’s been home. He read a couple of my letters on his Youtube channel. I sent him some questions on the pre/post controversy that he tried to answer (not adequately in my opinion). I have done creation lessons for pastors who share Bro. Hovind’s post-trib position. I can stand strongly where I stand and allow grace for others to differ. I won’t compromise my beliefs, but neither will I allow a doctrinal difference to become unnecessarily divisive. My goal is to serve churches, not stir up strife.

Coming Up

        This fall I have some big trips upcoming to New York and Ohio as well as some meetings in various churches/schools in Wisconsin. I have several events on the docket for next year. I could use a few meetings during the winter. Summer is often a slower time for traveling evangelists. This time of year as vacations end, churches start Christian school, fall programs, and other ministry activity.  If you’re considering setting up a meeting for your church or school, this winter (and late fall) would be a good time. I’m from the northern Midwest. I even go to cold places in the winter where others fear to tread 🙂

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