“If you can make it there (New York) you can make it anywhere!”

The meetings in New York and Ohio were a rousing success. I had a great time ministering, reaching people with scriptural and scientific truth, and meeting many other pastors, which should mean I’ll be going back to NY and OH in the future. πŸ™‚


One thing I didn’t mention last month was an interesting occurrence while I was preaching at Anchor Bible Baptist (Pastor Darren LaRue). I was talking about the KJB English word “firmament” and explaining how the word (both in English and Hebrew) implies something solid and dense, and how some versions have tried to avoid that implication and changed the word to “expanse”. I explained how we could indeed exist inside of a dense firmament (formerly called the aether, alternately called “dark matter” or the fabric of space). How that even evolutionary scientists generally recognize that space is not truly a vacuum, but we are unable to detect exactly what it is, because it’s not normal matter as we know it. I explained we could move through a dense firmament similar to how light moves through glass, due to wave motion and rotational motion as opposed to linear motion (and the difference in wave lengths). There are limits on linear motion (like the speed of light) that don’t apply the same to rotational or wave motion.

One guy started whooping and ‘amen’ing. It turned out that was Bro. Sergio Gonzalez, the associate Pastor at Charity Baptist in Dayton, who has a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. We had a nice chat afterward. It was a real encouragement to see that my stuff passes muster with a credentialed expert in the field πŸ™‚

New York

I just got back from the meetings in NY at Grace Baptist Church in Beaver Dams (near Watkins Glen, Pastor David Maulucci) and Heritage Baptist Church in Groton (near Ithaca, Pastor Mike Stout). They were all really good meetings, and I was able to meet several other pastors at each church.

Neither Pastor Maulucci, nor I, were aware that his daughter was married to the son of my old friend, Frank Broughton (well, he knew Frank, he didn’t know that I knew Frank).

Pastor Stout is a native of Grand Rapids, MI (I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit), so we had a good time watching Michigan rescue the “Little Brown Jug” (oldest college football trophy) from Minnesota after the sessions on Saturday.

While there, Dave Falanga recorded a few things, one of them being a one-hour overview of my fossil & artifact collection he called “Fossils, Fossils, and More Fossils!” that can be viewed here: http://genesisevidence.org/home/what-gem-offers/gem-online-messages/ I may have some DVDs available before long.

On the way there and back, I stay at the halfway mark, near Toledo, OH. My old friends at Gateway Anabaptist Church in Monroe, MI (Pastors Dan Hardin and David Ickes) provide me a place to stay to cut a 15-16 hour trip into two manageable halves. I got to have breakfast with my old friend David, and dinner with my old friend Grant Beebe.

On this trip I was overwhelmed with the generosity of small churches, pastors, and Christians, who don’t have a lot of money themselves.

Coming Up

I have some meetings in various churches/schools in Wisconsin upcoming. Pastor Joseph Barnhardt is starting a new church (Weston Biblical Baptist) in Scofield, WI (near Wausau & Weston) and I will be doing sessions for him on a Sunday in November. I plan to continue my monthly visits to minister at Door Bible Baptist in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert). That church has been a repeated blessing to my wife and I.

I have several events on the docket for next year. I could use a few meetings during the winter. If you’re considering setting up a meeting for your church or school, this winter would be a good time. I’m from the northern Midwest. I even go to cold places in the winter where others fear to tread πŸ™‚