Greetings from wintry Wisconsin! NovemBRRR is here and we did get a trace of snow already. And I will escape the snow by traveling to … Illinois and New York. :-/

Well, those meetings are much more important than the weather. Pastor Dudley Matties of Bible Baptist Church in Belvidere, IL has already done a splendid job of promoting our meeting to other area churches. I’ve gotten emails from people in IL planning to come. In December it will be on to NY to Temple Baptist Church in Baldwinsville, where Pastor Bruce Craig is hosting a Pastor’s Fellowship among the meetings. Both of those meetings should give me an opportunity to expand my outreach to other churches.

I will get to escape winter for a while, with a week or more in Alabama for at least two churches there in February (just before another trip to IL to Pastor Delhotel’s church). Perhaps YOU would like to schedule me in January? You can have confidence in knowing I am a local-church sent, King James Bible believing Baptist (Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI, Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl, Mission Pastor Randy King).

The Creation Science Society of Milwaukee meeting at Tri-County Baptist Church in Franklin, WI with Pastor Clayton Jones went well. Several Pastors showed up, though not all of them from Baptist churches. I’m grateful to CSSM and Pastor Jones & Tri-County for their support.

The  Creation Sunday at Bible Baptist Church in Winneconne, WI with Pastor Robert Hatch was  a success. They are a new work (he is a former member of Wyldewood) and this was one of their first outreaches into the community. We had three visitors from the community. They got to hear hours of evidence showing the Bible is true and defendable archaeologically, scientifically, and prophetically. They also got to hear the gospel, which is the whole idea. Turning people into creationists accomplish nothing if they remain lost in their sin.

One thing I love about this kind of ministry is that is can reach anyone in any condition they may be in. It gives reasons for the lost to trust the Bible and believe on the Lord. It gives baby Christians a solid foundation and confidence to build and grow on. It can inspire carnal or backslidden Christians to see their accountability before God and their need to get right with Him. It gives ran-and-file Christians confidence to boldly proclaim God’s word, knowing there are reasonable answers to everything in it. It also thrills the soul of even the most mature Christians to see their faith confirmed.

I have been able to minister at the university level, to seniors in nursing homes, to churches, and to kids in Christian schools, youth programs, and vacation Bible schools. Our kids need this stuff BEFORE they get pulled away by the world (gov’t schools, TV, movies, music, media). The professional survey conducted by Answers in Genesis showed that about 70% of the children in Bible believing churches drop out of church before adulthood, mainly because of the creation-evolution issue. They are taught against the Bible everywhere they turn. They hear it preached as just another religious book and are unaware of it’s verification by history, archaeology, and science. They NEED that foundation to allow the preaching of the Bible to take root. I can provide that foundation.

The two enclosed photos show how my display has grown, from a shelf-full to a room-full. Even the larger booth display is barely half of what I currently have. And every item is used to confirm the Bible and strengthen faith in God’s word.