This kind of ministry can be very exciting!

From speaking at universities, to churches, to Vacation Bible Schools, to county fairs, to local creation groups, to the streets, to my own church (adult and youth), and soon to a prison ministry – it never gets boring! And while home I read, study, research, and put together new lessons (as well as update and improve old ones). Of course I also spend much time trying to make new contacts and arrange meetings. Being new to full-time ministry (though I have done this part-time for 15 years across the country and in 4 foreign countries), I still have many openings in the coming year. If you are interested in my ministry, please email or call 920-426-9885 or 920-376-0828. Please refer me to any others who may be interested.

In this update I have attached a PDF of the tri-fold ministry flyer I send to churches. It also serves as a prayer card. Be sure to open it in Adobe. If you try to open it as a MS Word file, it gets jumbled up. Next update I’ll attach my follow-up flyer, which gives details on what I provide. If you want a hard-copy of my flyer, send me your mailing address and I’ll get one in the mail.

The Outagamie County Fair booth I did with the Green Bay area Genesis Foundation was a smashing success. We were able to get out hundreds of pieces of literature and witness to hundreds of people about creation and the gospel. We were the talk of the fair. A few evolution believers from the Democrat party booth stopped by to ask some questions about dinosaurs and millions of years. I answered all the questions, but they didn’t like the answers, and stormed off, flatly denying photographic and physical evidence right before their eyes. Other fair-goers told us the Democrats were complaining about us for the rest of the week! More than they complained about the Republicans. They inadvertently sent us prospects every day.  We expect to do 2 or 3 county fairs next year.

Last weekend I ministered at the VBS held by Tri-County Baptist Church, Franklin, WI (Pastor Clayton Jones & Associate Ken Jones). They run their VBS along with All Bible Baptist Church in inner-city Milwaukee (Pastor Peder Methum). It was a thrill to be part of two Baptist churches working together. I did five sessions on Saturday at Tri-County (plus activities in-between) and three more sessions Sunday at All Bible. It was a full weekend, but I pray we “bring forth fruit that should remain”. I put together a new message for this event on “Evolution and Racism”, with some help from Dr. Jerry Bergman, a highly-credentialed creation scientist who is working on his 10th post-graduate degree.

This Sunday I will be at Truth Baptist Church, Portage, WI covering for Pastor Reggie Williams, who is a friend of my good friend, Pastor Robert Hatch, of Bible Baptist Church in Butte des Mort, WI. Bro. Hatch came out of Wyldewood (my home church), went to Bible College and started a new work northwest of us.

Next week I’ll be at Door Bible Baptist Church in Brussels, WI to spend the day with Pastor Mark Englebert. He has a full-day of prison ministry scheduled, which will be another open door for me. I’ve wanted a chance to do prison ministry for years, but, with the exception of visiting individuals, it’s very difficult to get into many prisons.

The Lord again answered a prayer of mine recently that will help expand my opportunities. The creation field is so vast that it cannot be covered in just one session, and because I like to have a mix of Bible preaching and Bible defense (fossils, archaeology, etc. on Powerpoints), I’ve never felt like I could do the subject justice in just one session. The Powerpoints, while packed with exciting evidence, are light on scripture. OTOH, the sermons lack the eye-catching evidences. That’s why I prefer to do some of each.

Last month the Lord gave me a message I call, “Fear Not … Only Believe! that gives a good overview of the ministry and is my best combination of having preaching and a Powerpoint combined into one message. This month he gave me another one, that takes a different angle, and covers some different evidence, but is also a good combination of Bible and Powerpoint. It’s called, “And God said … and it was so!” Either are adequate for one-time (like Sunday only) meetings, or to kick-start a series of meetings. Both give amazing evidences for some of the most incredible accounts in the Bible, which gives us a foundation to stand on for the cases when faith is our only evidence. In fact, it’s the track record of the provable things in the Bible that gives us reason to be able to rely on faith as the evidence for the unprovable things.

Heb 11:1-3 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

ANNOUNCEMENT: If anyone in WI (or on the route toward Indy) is interested in going to the Creation Museum, the Green Bay Genesis Foundation has chartered a bus leaving WI Thursday August 21st and returning Saturday August 23rd. If you can go, contact Jim Kraft at 920-676-8871 ASAP. There is plenty of room left. The cost is just $75 per person and we have discount group rates for the museum and hotels. You won’t find a better deal. Also, children under 5 are free at the museum this summer.