Whew! It’s good to be busy!

The variety of events I’ve been involved with recently underscore the versatility and usefulness of biblical creation ministry. One week I was on the dais with nine other creation speakers at a university presentation in Mequon, WI. EIGHT of the other nine speakers have Ph.D’s in their field. I was humbled to be asked to speak to such an accomplished audience. BUT – the very next week I was part of a children’s Vacation Bible School at Riverview Baptist Church in Seymour, WI. Evangelist David Barker was part of the VBS, along with Pastor Shawn Suri and his family. One girl trusted Christ as her Saviour, and another family liked what they saw so much they joined the church. Praise the Lord!

Prior to that I was part of the mission conference at Faith Baptist Church in Green Bay (Pastor Greg Blanchard). Besides the preaching from myself, the other two missionaries they brought in (Russ Kidman & David Hiatt), and Pastor Rick Sella (who was the guest preacher for the conference), we hit the streets every day to witness for the Lord, with a lady receiving Christ as her Saviour on the final day of the conference. The surprising news was that the church picked me up for monthly support!

This week I finally get to catch up on the rest of life before I head back to Seymour to be part of the Green Bay area Genesis Foundation creation evangelism booth at the Outagamie County Fair – July 22-26. I will have some of my items with me and be there a good deal of the week. Please stop by and meet me! 637 North Main St. Seymour, WI (920) 833 2941.

I have another VBS in Milwaukee early next month, along with an inner-city church the next day and a church meeting the week after in Portage, WI. The inner-city church will be a great opportunity to expose the strongly racist implications of evolution, and the blatant racism of most of the early evolutionists. As you can see, I can minister in a number of different situations. I’d love the opportunity to be a blessing to your church. I can be reached at 920-426-9885 or 920-376-0828.

The Lord answered a prayer of mine recently that will help expand my opportunities. The creation field is so vast that it cannot be covered in just one session, and because I like to have a mix of Bible preaching and Bible defense (fossils, archaeology, etc. on Powerpoints), I’ve never felt like I could do the subject justice in just one session. However, the Lord gave me a message I call, “Fear Not, Only Believe!that gives a good overview of the ministry and is my best combination of having preaching and a Powerpoint combined into one message. This will probably be the first message I do at any new church I go to – and now I am much more comfortable accepting one-session meetings.