Winter is finally over!

We had a great series of meeting at Lighthouse Baptist Church, in Antigo, WI, with Pastor John Sass and his crew.  We had new visitors every day (Thursday through Sunday). Some of them came more than once. One young man (30ish) came Saturday night. Pastor Sass spoke to him after the service and it was evident he had been searching. He came again Sunday, concerned about his soul and eternal matters. He was dealt with and received assurance of salvation by trusting in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The church was very excited to have the meetings, which made it a blast to minister there. The first evening there was my birthday, and they presented me with a dinosaur birthday cake.

We stayed with Dan Zahl, one of the deacons there. He recently busted his ankle and will be laid up a few months, so he covets your prayers.

Coming up in the next month I have quite a variety of things:

* A Mission Conference at a Baptist Church in Green Bay

* Speaking on natural selection at a university in Mequon.

* Being part of a VBS at a Baptist Church in Seymour, WI with a theme of “Dinosaurs”.

I am also going to be involved with the Green Bay Creation Society at one or two county fairs this summer, using creation displays to draw people in to hear the gospel.

I’d love to put your church on my schedule!