From June, 2014


Hello, I’m Teno Groppi from Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh, WI. I have recently gone into full-time creation/evangelism. The Lord has given me a spectacular array of information, fossils, castings, artifacts, and other items that give ROCK SOLID evidence for the truth of the Bible. He has also given me a desire to spread this information and to let people see with their own eyes, and hold in their own hands, this evidence confirming Bible TRUTH.

Every major doctrine in the Bible has its origin in Genesis. If a person cannot believe the literal creation account, it’s little wonder he’ll struggle with the gospel and resurrection of Christ! If someone doesn’t recognize God as the Creator and the Judge, he has little reason to perceive his need for Him as Saviour. This is a ministry that can both strengthen the faith of Christians and give non-believers reasons to believe the Bible and to put their faith in the Creator, Jesus Christ.

I have a combination of creation-oriented sermons along with exciting Powerpoint messages on a vast variety of creation-related issues such as Giants in the Earth, Noah’s ark, Dinosaurs and Man, Ancient Technology, Bible Archaeology, Evolution Frauds, and other fascinating topics. Everywhere I’ve spoken, the audiences have asked for more (details will be forthcoming).

I would love the opportunity to minister at your church, or another church you know that might be interested (please feel free to forward this to others). Please contact me either by email or the contact information given below if you’re interested in setting up meetings, or if you have any questions.

I will be sending out monthly updates, but I have so many things to share that I will send out weekly updates for the first few weeks.

Thank you for your consideration,