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Caveman Ravings



SPRING AHEAD! (Of course we had a snow storm yesterday)

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain [snow for us] is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away. Song 2:11-13

Growing up in metro Detroit, we got to hear our baseball broadcaster, Ernie Harwell (who was a vocal Christian gentleman) quote this passage at the beginning of the baseball season every year.


        We had a great series of meetings at North Star Baptist Church (Pastor David Sorenson) in Duluth, Minnesota for a Sunday-thru-Wednesday seminar. I got to present several of my messages (now numbering about 30).  The people were very excited with the material and requested a couple of specific messages. I was more than happy to comply. Pastor Sorenson gave me a tour of the unique city of Duluth. Being a key port city, it has a lot of the amenities of a larger city – yet it is not that large. It’s situated on a hill, which makes for rough travelling during the winter, but they have an extensive system of indoor overpasses connecting buildings, so you can traverse much of the city without having to go outside.

I was given two new items from members there. One was a fabricated human skull almost precisely to scale of how large King Og (the largest giant in the Bible at 13′-15′, Deut 3:11) would’ve been, which matches the fossil findings of Gigantopithicus and the 26″ Max Track footprint casting, both of which I have. I got to use it right away in Kings Kids, and the kids were amazed.

The other item was a photo of a reported Sasquatch/Bigfoot. I am not sure what to think about Bigfoot (AKA: Yeti in Asia). I do have a purported Sasquatch track casting, but the foot is distinctly human, and Sasquatch, if it is legitimate, seems to be an animal. Animals have paws, hooves, or a second set of hands (like apes). No animal has a foot like a human. Many of his photos were distant and unconvincing, but his two close-up photos were definitely some kind of a creature. Detractors identify it as a bear, but I have been looking at photos of various bears all over the internet and find none that resemble what was in those two photos. I’m not sure what it is, but I now include his photo in my recently discovered creatures (Dinosaurs Today?) message. New creatures, including some quite large ones (like the 7′ tall Bili ape), are often discovered in relatively uninhabited areas (swamps, jungles, seas), but Sasquatch would have to hide in the woods, where a lot of hunters trek on a regular basis. I’m not at all convinced Bigfoot is real, but those photos are compelling.

Next week I will be doing two Awana classes at a church across town. Their Awana leader, Jim Engler, saw one of my presentations at the University of WI-Oshkosh and wanted me to minister to his church’s youth groups. It may lead to further opportunity there, as well.

Last week I was at Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Robert Hatch) in Winneconne, WI. Bro. Hatch is also a tax preparer and insurance provider. This is his busy season, so he can use more pulpit coverage this time of year. As much as I hate taxes and insurance and think they are mostly a scam, it’s a blessing to have a brother in Christ to deal with those things.

Pastor Brenenstuhl and a group from our church took a trip to Israel this month, so I had to cover in the nursing homes, school chapel, and Kings Kids youth ministry quite often the past few weeks. But because of that, The Lord gave me a NEW message!


        Sadly, most of the fossils and artifacts in my collection are a result of the flood. They are testimonies of sin and death. But that inspired a message on that topic that also explains why there is sin, death, and tragedy in this world. Why do bad things happen to “good” people and bad people get away with things? Those are legitimate questions many lost people have. It is a good Sunday school message. It sets the stage for much of the rest of the presentations, and I am able to fit it into Sunday school time constraints. Some of the other messages I’ve used for Sunday school are getting longer as new information and discoveries are released. The current title is “Wages of Sin is Death”, though if I can think of a more witty title, I may change it.

I had my normal monthly meeting at Door Bible Baptist in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert). They are such a blessing, being, in effect, a supporting church by having me in every month. Probably next month I’ll do my new message there.

We were planning another week-long seminar at Bolt Fundamental Baptist Church (Pastor Jim Lucas) in West Virginia. They were going to have me in to do their camp – but they scheduled the camp for the same week I’ll be in NY in May. Jamie will look into rescheduling the camp, but that will not be easy to do. They do want me back in the fall, either way. Pastor Lucas is recovering well from a triple bypass.


        I’ll be back in New York, this time at Temple Baptist Church (Pastor Vince Williams), in Norwich, NY for a week-long series of meetings.

I have a few future meetings planned for later in the year, including a return to Anchor Bible Baptist (Pastor Darren LaRue) in Ohio and a meeting for the Northwoods Creation Association in September.

NOW is the time to schedule a meeting for your church. Call 920-376-0828 or respond to this email. If any of you are interested in having me for a meeting (to see my new Bigfoot photo, or the rest of what I provide), I have created a new page on my website that tells what I have what I might need, and some pointers and basic information. Check it out at:

        Here is the Max Track I spoke of earlier. One of five (in a left-right sequence) 26′ tracks (with a 72″ stride) matching a human who would’ve been 13′-15′ tall (the size of King Og in scripture) and confirming Gen 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days:

Max Track




Teno Groppi

307 Merritt AV

Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

Please make any checks to me. I don’t have a “business” account set up for Genesis Evidence Ministry yet. I don’t like the idea of calling a ministry a “business”, though I may have to eventually 🙁


920-426-9885 (home)

920-376-0828 (cell)



WARNING: I do post provocative things on Facebook. They sometimes rub people the wrong way. I think sometimes people NEED to be rubbed the wrong way. My goal is to get people to think. I don’t even always agree with the things I post, but they are often compelling, challenging, and thought provoking. I think that is edifying, albeit not always pleasant. Reality and truth are not always all positive. There is PLENTY of lovey-dovey, positive stuff floating around and I don’t need to add to that. Not everybody sees it that way, and I don’t expect everyone has to be like me.




Some of my real fossils, megalodon tooth, triceratops vertebrate, closed clam from mountaintop, mosasaur tooth, woolly mammoth jaw, T-rex bone.


Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, Phil 3:13

The domestic news keeps getting better. Not only is Hannah (who will turn 13 this month) excelling at Wyldewood Christian School (95% and above in all subjects) instead of floundering in the public schools, but she has been in our home full-time. Her unsaved father doesn’t like that she is living for the Lord again, so he has effectually given her over to us 24/7. Praise God!

Our other kids are all making spiritual moves in the right direction. CJ, 17, is interested in a girl he met at work and has been bringing her to church. It’s been good to see that be a priority to him. April (soon to be 20), moved back in, is going to college, and is going to start going to church again, after a heart-to-heart with her mom. Michael, 15, has been the most steady.

I’ve been preaching at three different nursing homes regularly. I’ve been doing that for over 25 years. I don’t think I’m particularly good at it, but the Lord must want me to keep doing it.

Once a month I preach to our King’s Kids Wednesday evening youth group.

Last week I did the chapel service at Wyldewood Christian School. For that the Lord gave me a brand new message, “The Wages of Sin is Death”, using several of my fossils to demonstrate sin and death. I have made a Powerpoint out of it and it will become my main Sunday School message in the future. The other messages I used to do often for SS have become longer (I am always getting updated information in the creation/Bible defense realm) and are now full-length messages.


        I went to a couple of weekend meetings with some guys from Door Bible Baptist in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert). We were able to save overnight hotel expenses by going as a group. One was Racine Baptist Temple Pastor Frank Williams‘ annual men’s meeting (held at Pastor Clayton JonesTri-County Baptist, where I have been several times). The other was a “grace” meeting at Pastor Mark WagenshutzTwin Ports Baptist Church in Superior, WI.


        This weekend, I’ll be right across from Superior, at North Star Baptist Church (Pastor David Sorenson) in Duluth, Minnesota for a Sunday-thru-Wednesday seminar.

I had a meeting planned at Victory Baptist Church (Pastor Randy Wandell) in Beloit, WI cancelled because of the 10 below zero weather. We should be able to reschedule that one soon.


        I have two local meetings scheduled in March, and possibly another at Bible Baptist Church (Pastor Robert Hatch) in Winneconne, WI.


        We’re planning another week-long seminar at Bolt Fundamental Baptist Church (Pastor Jim Lucas) in West Virginia. Last year about a half-dozen churches got together to have monthly combined youth rallies, and my ministry was their kick-off. Apparently they are doing well enough to invite me back this year. In fact, they want me back twice this year. Once for the youth and once for the church, I assume. Pastor Lucas just had a successful triple-bypass surgery this week, so pray for his recovery.


        I’ll be back in New York, this time at Temple Baptist Church (Pastor Vince Williams), in Norwich, NY for a week-long series of meetings.

I have a few future meetings planned for later in the year, including a return to Anchor Bible Baptist (Pastor Darren LaRue) in Ohio and a meeting for the Northwoods Creation Association in September.

NOW is the time to schedule a meeting for your church. Call 920-376-0828 or respond to this email.

Here are just a handful of the real fossils in my collection. I also have many replicas, castings, and other artifacts – all used to defend the absolute accuracy of the word of God (KJB). My display usually takes up three standard-sized tables.


Hannah Zorse


This Thanksgiving I’m giving thanks for a victory nearly ten years in the making. It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of victory. I had given up hope that it could ever happen. In fact, the situation recently got even worse – just before the Lord stepped in and gave us the huge victory.

A little history is necessary to understand the magnitude of the situation, even though it is a little more private than I’d usually like to get into. My wife, Christie, has four kids from before she met me and got saved. The youngest, Hannah, has a different father than the older three. That alone is a story of God’s grace and ability to forgive and restore.

We tried to either home school them or send them to a Christian school (we actually held them out of the public school and started home schooling briefly), but lost the decision in court (after spending $3,000 in the effort). The courts almost always support the status quo.

The difference, although real, has not been as pronounced with the older three because their dad is a nominal Lutheran, and reasonably conservative, but Hannah’s dad is about as far left as one can go. He’s a professing atheist, hostile to Christianity, church, and God. He’s a Bernie Sanders welfare-state supporter. He’s avidly into “rap music”. He’s pro-homosexual and pro-abortion. Poor Hannah, who is 12 now, has been having to live in both worlds, and that’s a lot for a little girl to have to deal with. She understandably had struggles, challenges, and bouts of depression because no matter what she did, somebody was unhappy.

Since she was not yet school age when we married (she was three), she spent most of her time with us in those formative years. And that carried into her first few years of school. She loved learning and excelled in school. She became the best Christian in the family. She led several of her classmates to Christ. When one classmate turned her into the teacher for “talking about Jesus in school” – she witnessed to the teacher! The teacher was so impressed she called us to compliment her behavior. :-) Hannah also witnessed to her father – but to hostile response from him :-(

The tables had turned. Now she was spending equal time with each parent, and the majority of her time in the public school, which generally supported her father’s anti-Christian, pro-homosexual views. Again, that’s a lot for a girl of 8, 9, or 10 to withstand – especially all coming from “authority” figures that she is supposed to heed. From about the 3rd grade on, we could see our Hannah drift away a little every year. She started hating school. She was unhappy in either home. She was exposed to the ungodly world, music, carnality, TV, philosophy, etc. Most of you have no idea what it feels like to see your little girl drift slowly but steadily away from the Lord right before your eyes, and there be nothing more you can do about it. I was handcuffed and shackled. It was heart-wrenching. We could only do our best to set an example for her to look back on when she becomes an adult. We were resigned to this being the situation.

Then the situation got progressively worse. She started getting more depressed and the depression grew deeper. Recently, her father began cheating on his wife, and confiding in Hannah about it (just what an 11-12 year old kid needs dumped on her :-/ ). She became distraught being at his house. I’ll avoid more gory details, but all this eventually resulted in two stays at the hospital for threat of attempted suicide. Kids in school started harassing her and she dreaded having to go back to school. She was caught in a whirlpool.

The Lord has a way of giving “beauty for ashes”, and He used these tragic circumstances to take away her father’s rationale to object to an alternative education. Enough professionals had heard Hannah’s account, and they did not object to us removing her from the public schools.

Of course her father tried to object. He insisted on meeting with our Christian school superintendent Dick Clayton (who has been principle/superintendent at WCS for over 40 years). Bro. Clayton answered his every objection with home run after home run answers. Hannah’s dad had no choice but to relent.

So, one minute we were at rock bottom, fearing for Hannah’s well-being, her spirituality, and possibly her life. Then Jesus Christ stepped into the picture just in the nick of time – and suddenly and unexpectedly we were ENROLLING HANNAH IN WYLDEWOOD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL! Hallelujah!

It has not yet been two weeks and already the results have been noticeable and profound. She is smiling and happy again. She looks forward to going to school again. She enjoys living. She has already caught up what she was behind and is now plowing ahead. And now the 35 hours a week the devil has had her in the public schools have been reversed and God gets her all that time! Praise the Lord!

Tuesday morning as I left for a preacher’s fellowship in Racine, WI at the same time she was leaving for school, I gave her a hug and said, “I hope you have a good day in school.” She replied, “When DON’T I have a good day at school?” I almost didn’t need a car to float to Racine in the clouds :-)

Every “fatted calf” in Wisconsin is in danger right now :-) (Luke 15:22-24)


Oh, by the way, I am a full-time creation evangelist. Even while preoccupied with the trials with Hannah the past several weeks, I did have some meetings.

One was at Weston Biblical Baptist (Pastor Joseph Barnhardt) in Scofield, WI (near Wausau & Weston). They’re starting a new church.

The other was my monthly visit to minister at Door Bible Baptist in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert). That church has been a repeated blessing to my wife and I. I will be there again next week with a brand new message I just put together on the human genome. I endeavor to take technical stuff and make it understandable and interesting to the rank and file. A list of most of what I provide can be found at:

I have several events on the docket for next year. Meetings scheduled in Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, West Virginia, and likely Alabama for starters. But I have openings every month. I’m from the northern Midwest. I even go to cold places in the winter where others fear to tread :-)

A few pictures with Hannah. The battle is not over. The devil will not take this sitting down. Please keep us in your prayers.

Hannah Mammoth



Fall Ahead, Not Back!

        Now that fall is here, I’m getting busier, which is the way I like it (and the way the Lord likes it).

University Outreach

        We’ve had two college student visitors at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh outreach so far. The visitor who came last night may return next week and bring some friends with him. We had a nice encouraging discussion with him. Plus, since next week is the final installment, we will put a bigger push for it and distribute more flyers advertising it. That is not bad since we have no campus sponsor, advertisement, or help. Hopefully we’ll have even better news to report about this next week. Please include that in your prayers.

Home State

        We had our second Creation Sunday at Bible Baptist Church of Winneconne (WI) this month (Pastor Robert Hatch). BBC-W is fairly new church trying to get a foothold in the area. They have been meeting in the modern auditorium at the local Middle School for free, which has been an obvious blessing. But the school is starting to enforce their policy to keep the doors locked, which is counterproductive to a church trying to draw people in. So the Lord may be closing the door (literally) on that meeting location. Pray that the Lord opens a door somewhere for that church.

While you are praying for that, a good friend of mine, Bro. Rich Wilson, was recently installed as pastor at Victory Baptist Church in Oshkosh, WI (two blocks from my house). I knew Victory as a solid church when Charles Bonner was the pastor, but it has dwindled in the years since he left for a church in  Washington state (I actually got to visit him there when I toured Mt. St. Helens and ministered at two churches out there years ago), and is currently down to one service a week, running less than 20 in attendance. Bro. Wilson has just reinstituted the Sunday school class, and will work on mid-week and Sunday PM as they are able. It’s rare to see a good church fizzle – and then be restored, but Bro. Wilson has a life testimony of exactly that and is just the right man to bring that church back to viability.

Ohio Meetings

        I just got back from some superb meetings at Anchor Bible Baptist Church in West Alexandria, OH (Pastor Darren LaRue). We had one session Friday evening (“Fresh Fossils”). On Saturday we had two workshop sessions. In the morning I did a demonstration with my scale model of Noah’s ark. In the afternoon I discussed several of my fossils, castings, and artifacts and took questions from the audience about them. In between we had lunch on the grounds. The cake you see in the photo below was a dirt cake with a white chocolate depiction of a dinosaur skeleton made by Mrs. LaRue. It was so cool we didn’t want to cut it up. 🙂

On Sunday I presented how evolution has handicapped science and society for Sunday school (if you have a livestream account you can view it at for the next 30 days) and “Jesus Saith … I Am the Truth” for the main service. In the afternoon I did my “Creation and the King James Bible” lesson. At that service we had a group of about 50 visitors from Charity Baptist Church in Dayton (Pastor Patrick Murphy). They seemed to like it and there’s a good chance I’ll be doing a presentation there in the future.

Several years ago I did a presentation for Pastor Tom Melton’s church in Dayton. Pastor Melton was involved in their local cable access TV channel and I taped several hours of material to air on Dayton’s local cable station. I have no idea how long or often it was aired. I also went fossil hunting in a river bed in Dayton. I found a real nice and sizeable trilobite fossil (and some less impressive sea life fossils), but it was on a rock far too large to keep (and I had no tools available to chip it out).

Coming Up

        I have a trip upcoming to New York (for two different churches) at the end of October as well as some meetings in various churches/schools in Wisconsin. Pastor Joseph Barnhardt is starting a new church (Weston Biblical Baptist) in Scofield, WI (near Wausau & Weston) and I will be doing sessions for him on a Sunday in November. I plan to continue my monthly visits to minister at Door Bible Baptist in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert). That church has been a repeated blessing to my wife and I.

I have several events on the docket for next year. I could use a few meetings during the winter. If you’re considering setting up a meeting for your church or school, this winter (and late fall) would be a good time. I’m from the northern Midwest. I even go to cold places in the winter where others fear to tread 🙂



“If you can make it there (New York) you can make it anywhere!”

The meetings in New York and Ohio were a rousing success. I had a great time ministering, reaching people with scriptural and scientific truth, and meeting many other pastors, which should mean I’ll be going back to NY and OH in the future. 🙂


One thing I didn’t mention last month was an interesting occurrence while I was preaching at Anchor Bible Baptist (Pastor Darren LaRue). I was talking about the KJB English word “firmament” and explaining how the word (both in English and Hebrew) implies something solid and dense, and how some versions have tried to avoid that implication and changed the word to “expanse”. I explained how we could indeed exist inside of a dense firmament (formerly called the aether, alternately called “dark matter” or the fabric of space). How that even evolutionary scientists generally recognize that space is not truly a vacuum, but we are unable to detect exactly what it is, because it’s not normal matter as we know it. I explained we could move through a dense firmament similar to how light moves through glass, due to wave motion and rotational motion as opposed to linear motion (and the difference in wave lengths). There are limits on linear motion (like the speed of light) that don’t apply the same to rotational or wave motion.

One guy started whooping and ‘amen’ing. It turned out that was Bro. Sergio Gonzalez, the associate Pastor at Charity Baptist in Dayton, who has a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. We had a nice chat afterward. It was a real encouragement to see that my stuff passes muster with a credentialed expert in the field 🙂

New York

I just got back from the meetings in NY at Grace Baptist Church in Beaver Dams (near Watkins Glen, Pastor David Maulucci) and Heritage Baptist Church in Groton (near Ithaca, Pastor Mike Stout). They were all really good meetings, and I was able to meet several other pastors at each church.

Neither Pastor Maulucci, nor I, were aware that his daughter was married to the son of my old friend, Frank Broughton (well, he knew Frank, he didn’t know that I knew Frank).

Pastor Stout is a native of Grand Rapids, MI (I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit), so we had a good time watching Michigan rescue the “Little Brown Jug” (oldest college football trophy) from Minnesota after the sessions on Saturday.

While there, Dave Falanga recorded a few things, one of them being a one-hour overview of my fossil & artifact collection he called “Fossils, Fossils, and More Fossils!” that can be viewed here: I may have some DVDs available before long.

On the way there and back, I stay at the halfway mark, near Toledo, OH. My old friends at Gateway Anabaptist Church in Monroe, MI (Pastors Dan Hardin and David Ickes) provide me a place to stay to cut a 15-16 hour trip into two manageable halves. I got to have breakfast with my old friend David, and dinner with my old friend Grant Beebe.

On this trip I was overwhelmed with the generosity of small churches, pastors, and Christians, who don’t have a lot of money themselves.

Coming Up

I have some meetings in various churches/schools in Wisconsin upcoming. Pastor Joseph Barnhardt is starting a new church (Weston Biblical Baptist) in Scofield, WI (near Wausau & Weston) and I will be doing sessions for him on a Sunday in November. I plan to continue my monthly visits to minister at Door Bible Baptist in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert). That church has been a repeated blessing to my wife and I.

I have several events on the docket for next year. I could use a few meetings during the winter. If you’re considering setting up a meeting for your church or school, this winter would be a good time. I’m from the northern Midwest. I even go to cold places in the winter where others fear to tread 🙂




Back to School!

        It’s that time of year for teachers and students of all ages, including me. I will again be giving creation lessons to the children in our King’s Kids program at Wyldewood Baptist Church. There are plans in the works for me to minister at some other Christian schools. The attachment to this email deals with one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve ever had.

I’m going to make four 2-hour presentations at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh! Starting Tuesday evening September 29th (7:15-9:30), and the first three Tuesdays in October. What a glorious opportunity to reach college students (and others) with the evidence (archaeological, scientific, and biblical) confirming that the Bible (particularly Genesis) is absolutely accurate – and to give the gospel where it is sorely needed. You are all welcome to come and I covet your prayers that the truth of God will go forth mightily.

Summer of Sodom

        Once again, the sodomite agenda is thrust into the headlines. Last month it was the supreme Court decision favoring same sex marriage. Now it’s Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis being persecuted for upholding Kentucky state law banning same sex “marriage”. Kentucky not only has a law protecting traditional marriage, but also an Amendment that was supported by 75% of the voters. Additionally, the state law requires the female to file the marriage license, so it is illegal for the clerk to offer a marriage license to two men. The supreme Court made a decision (a court has no authority to make law) that she should be forced to violate her own state’s law and Amendment and be compelled to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Davis has refused and may be ordered to pay a fine or serve time in prison (she has just been put in jail as I type this), for simply obeying her state’s – and God’s, laws.

How did we get to this point in America where 3% of the population (professed homosexuals) controls the other 97%? Because we have gotten away from Genesis. That’s where we get the foundation for what marriage is, what sin is, and that we are accountable to the God who created us. Making the Genesis creation account a “minor” issue because it is “too divisive” has led to this. We no longer have biblical moorings for what marriage is. We no longer have the ammunition to oppose the sodomite agenda. We no longer have an absolute standard for determining morality at all.

You can help restore those moorings with my ministry. You can give your children the armor to protect themselves from the onslaught of the sodomite society they are growing up in. Between what they get in the public schools for 35 hours a week and what they get from the media (TV, radio, print, internet) the rest of the time, they need the fortification desperately.

Kent Hovind

        I was asked if I have adopted the post-tribulation views that Kent acquired while he was in prison. No, I am still decidedly pre-trib, in fact, more strongly so than ever, as this forced me to study the issue out more intently. Kent is still my friend, we can disagree on a point or two with grace. I’ve talked to him a few times since he’s been home. He read a couple of my letters on his Youtube channel. I sent him some questions on the pre/post controversy that he tried to answer (not adequately in my opinion). I have done creation lessons for pastors who share Bro. Hovind’s post-trib position. I can stand strongly where I stand and allow grace for others to differ. I won’t compromise my beliefs, but neither will I allow a doctrinal difference to become unnecessarily divisive. My goal is to serve churches, not stir up strife.

Coming Up

        This fall I have some big trips upcoming to New York and Ohio as well as some meetings in various churches/schools in Wisconsin. I have several events on the docket for next year. I could use a few meetings during the winter. Summer is often a slower time for traveling evangelists. This time of year as vacations end, churches start Christian school, fall programs, and other ministry activity.  If you’re considering setting up a meeting for your church or school, this winter (and late fall) would be a good time. I’m from the northern Midwest. I even go to cold places in the winter where others fear to tread 🙂

UWO Bible

307 Merritt AV
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901
920-426-9885 (home)
920-376-0828 (cell)



Lazy days of summer?

Even though I haven’t had as many meetings scheduled, that doesn’t men I haven’t been active in ministry.

I did have a meeting at Door Bible Baptist Church in Brussels, WI (Pastor Mark Englebert), where I got to present them with brand new evidence for soft-tissues in dinosaur bones that had only been released a day or so earlier. Those soft-tissues are devastating to the evolutionary claims that dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago. What a fortification of our faith to see the evidence with our own eyes!

One of the great advantages of being friends with many of the prominent creation scientists is that I get access to the most current and state-of-the-art technology, developments, and discoveries. Several times I’ve been able to share ground-breaking developments within hours of their occurrence, meaning the church I was presenting in that day were the first people in the world to get that information. Wouldn’t you like your church to experience that cutting-edge?

Early in the month a group of dedicated soldiers of the Lord did a ministry event at the Green Bay sodomite “pride” picnic. We spent several hours involved in public ministry including street-preaching, tract distribution, and one-on-one witnessing. I have gotten much better at witnessing rather than just arguing, at such events (stop laughing Pastor Hatch!). The sodomite agenda is coming in like a flood and if we don’t bear a standard against it, we will be overwhelmed in the flood (Is 59:19). Simply speaking against it in church is “preaching to the choir”. We need to “go ye into the world”. With the recent supreme Court decision, this battle will only get hotter. It is directly related to Genesis creation issues. We know what marriage is, and that sodomite “marriage” is not legitimate, because of what the first few chapters of Genesis tell us. Jesus Himself referred to the Genesis account when speaking on marriage.

Every Tuesday we have a “Music on Main Street” event. We gather at the public square and sing hymns right out there in public. It gives us opportunity to witness to people and to distribute gospel tracts. It also got us a running invitation to sing live at a local coffee house on Main Street. We have ministered to multitudes that way, in a less confrontational manner (as opposed to the more confrontational type event at the “pride” picnic). We have seen people get saved, join the church, and become part of our singing group, through that ministry spearheaded by Seth King.

I have been doing our church’s nursing home ministry in Omro, WI, for over 20 years. After the supreme court marriage decision, I’ve had a burning burden to preach on that topic, but the venues have been limited. With an audience of 80 year olds with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, I generally preach messages on salvation, hope, and comfort to the seniors, basically trying to prepare them for death, whether saved or lost. A message on the sodomite agenda just didn’t seem relevant – but the Lord gave me a message on that, so I went with it. Little did I know that one of the ladies has been dealing with that in her own family and really needed the encouragement and ammunition that message provided.

Later in the month we paid a visit to Charles, the father of one of our church members. He is 86 and was recently diagnosed as terminal. We have visited him a few times in recent months, getting to know him, building a relationship and trust with him. Pastor King often said things like, “They won’t care what you know until they know you care.” Others have tried to witness to him with little success. He was not hostile to the gospel, but being a lifelong Lutheran, he wouldn’t take the last step and make a personal application.

During the conversation, Christie asked him about his eternity. Charles responded with a typical, “I think I’m going to heaven. I hope so.” So I pulled out the New Testament his daughter had given him, and did my best Jeff Brayton imitation as I opened to 1 John 5:13. Bro. Brayton was our long-time song leader at Wyldewood, and also led the music for me at Omro Care. He ended every service by quoting 1 John 5:13 and commenting “We don’t have to think so, hope so, maybe so, guess so – we can KNOW so!” I started there and then we through sin and the solution, and several minutes later Charles KNEW he was going to heaven and knew why! Praise the Lord for one saved on the precipice of death!

Christie and I also were able to take a weekend and go visit my mother in Michigan. She is doing remarkably well since the passing of my father a month ago. Knowing Jesus Christ as Saviour is the ONLY thing that can provide such comfort in the death of a loved one.

Also, I have spoken to Kent Hovind a few times since he has been back home. The attached video clip is of him answering some of my questions about his ministry plans. I am also in the process of arranging a debate between Bro. Hovind and Dr. Laurence Moran of the University of Toronto. Dr. Moran claims to love debating American creationists. He has not yet responded to my invitation. Kent said he’d do it “Any time, any place, with half my brain tied behind my back.”

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Happy Independence Day!

        I’m sure this year’s Independence Day celebration will be tempered by the recent supreme Court rulings, especially the one in favor of homosexual “marriage”. Be of good cheer (John 16:33), that is just the kind of thing my ministry is designed to combat!

As the AiG cartoon below shows, the homosexual agenda is simply a symptom of abandoning our foundation. The enemy knows this and they attack our foundation, the Genesis creation, and thereby call into question the veracity of the entire Bible! If the Bible is not true in Genesis 1-3, how can we be sure it is true in John 1-3 (John 3:12!) or Romans 1-3?

I liken the Genesis account to the legs of a table. Everything we believe – salvation, sin, soulwinning, sanctification, second coming, sanctity of life, heaven, hell, resurrection, et al, including marriage, rests on Genesis. If the devil can kick out the legs from under the table, the whole table, and everything on it, tumbles down.

Why do we even know that same sex marriage is wrong? Because in the first chapters of Genesis, God made a man and a woman and established that as a marriage. Jesus Himself referred back to that as the authority for marriage (Matt 19:4, Mark 10:6).  The apostle Paul also pointed back to Adam and Eve in 1 Tim 2:13, and applied this concept to our salvation in 1 Cor 15:22 & 45. Our salvation is likened to the marriage between Jesus and the church. A same sex marriage doesn’t portray that relationship.

We need to be “wise as serpents” and attack the enemy’s foundation while fortifying ours. I’m all for fighting individual issues like abortion and homosexuality, but to really bring a tree down, you must saw at its base. Cutting off branches will have limited effect.

This sodomite agenda is not going to get better in the near future. It’s going to get worse, likely MUCH worse. It’s going to get deeper into our churches and grab more of our young people. My ministry is needed more than ever to put the legs back up under the table, and chop the tree down at its base. I want to protect and fortify our next generation from the sodomite assault. I’d rather be pro-active in prevention than reactive after our next generation gets taken by this snare of Satan.

If you need a recommendation, here is a good one from Pastor Fred Weiss:

Dear Brother In Christ,

I would like to take this opportunity to send along a letter of recommendation for Teno Groppi, and the Genesis Evidence Ministry. There are a number of ministries defending the Biblical account of creation these days, but the ministry presentation from Bro. Groppi is unique in a couple of ways that I would like to mention. First of all, Teno is a true Bible believer, which is quite evident in his presentation. All of his material is distinctively King James, and his method of teaching will reassure your people that they can trust the Bible God has given them. Secondly, Bro. Groppi has the ability to speak to the common man. While he is obviously knowledgeable and understands the scientific terms of his field, he seems to keep in mind his audience and is able to speak on their level. I know that our Church enjoyed being able to grasp all of the concepts that were presented, and our people were encouraged to see just how easy it is to explain God’s creation.  I’m sure that Bro. Groppi will be a blessing to you and your Church, as he was to ours.

If there is any other information that you would like, please feel free to contact me at 608-524-2604 or

May the Lord bless you and your work,

Pastor Fred Weiss
Bible Baptist Church, Reedsburg, WI

You can find this, and several other recommendations at:

My summer schedule is thin (it picks back up in the fall and into next year). If you are interested in using my ministry to fortify faith in the Bible, especially as each generation in America gets further away from God, NOW is a good time to set up some meetings (this is VBS season, and I’ve done a number of VBSs). You can contact me by email or phone:

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